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Tyon's Rebirth!

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Post by .ShinShuu Kaguya on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:48 am

Name ;; Tyon's Rebirth
Rank ;; X
Type ;; Jinchuriki
Element ;; Inferno
Range ;; Self
Power ;; X
Speed ;; X
Cool Down;; Can only be used once, after death.
Description ;; The Jinchuriki of the One tailed Pheonix, after reaching the ability to use the Full beast mode of the One Tailed Beast will be able to Revive after death. Meaning once they have been killed the body of the User will stay in tact as the Pheonix heals the Jin's body and grabs hold of the user's soul. This Allows for the Bijuu to Break Unsealing Jutsu, Break any seals that have sealed the Jin's Soul away, as well as grab the soul from the darkness. No matter how damaged the body is, the Jinchuriki will be fixed and brought back to life. It takes 2,000 words for the Body and the Jin to be full revived. Can only occur once after gaining Full Beast mode.
Requirements ;; one tailed Pheonix!

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