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 New Member Crisis Guide!!!

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New Member Crisis Guide!!! CHDzEwl
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PostSubject: New Member Crisis Guide!!!   New Member Crisis Guide!!! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2015 6:35 am

-Hello All Lovely Members of Crisis!-

This is a guide for any and All Starting on the site to get through the Site easier with this guide!! [Each Item will have a Url for you to go to if you get stuck Very Happy]

1.Hellos!: Before you Start your Journey into Crisis, Say Hello. Let us know you're here and we will let you know we are here for you!!

2. Rules: Read up on each Rule before you start making anything, it is the best thing to do to keep you up to Date. Any New Updates will be posted Here

3. Bijuu, Ranks, and Techs: Before you Start you character make sure what you want is open and claim it before it gets claimed. All Claims will be held for a Week so your character needs to be finished by then or someone will be able to claim it.

4. Creation Center: Here you will begin your Character Creation. From making your Clans. And making the Bloodline for the Clans. Jutsu and Special Characteristics need to be registered separately from the Clan and will be added Later.

5. Creation: Certain Ranks are given Weapons and such to start with. Many of them can be found in the Weapon Creation forum.

6. Character Update: Create a Topic with your Name or Nickname and fill it out, The Jutsu from the Starting Guide will be considered Tokens. Tokens Can be traded, but not to other characters. Tokens are used to claim jutsu for your character and Any S rank Given to start are S Rank Tokens.

7. Posting: Once your Character has been approved, as well as the Clans and Bloodlines, you will be allowed to RP in Non-combat Rps. If you find yourself in one you will have no jutsu until your Update is Approved.

Thank you for reading this and i wish you all luck!!


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New Member Crisis Guide!!!
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