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PostSubject: Genin Tails (Training, flashback)   Genin Tails (Training, flashback) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 3:13 am


Saya's evening meditations were an almost constant source of both patience and serenity.  Without them she may have lost her way long ago, but they always helped ease the stress of a long day, or trying situation.  Where rage, jealously, even joy might overcome the emotions of others, Saya was as steady as the trade winds and as stoic as a mountain.  They did more than simply center her mind, however, for the act of meditation assisted her in unlocking the full spiritual potential she possessed.  During the times of both deep and light trance, her chakra network was permitted to flow more freely.  It was disconnected from her conscious mind and felt the complete removal of mental blocks, insecurities, and inhibitions.

Her chakra flowed freely within her, pouring out from her stomach and flooding through her body in ebbing pulses and coursing currents.  It swirled within her, flowing through her flesh in the same fashion as her blood, before circling back to return to the source that it flowed from.  Saya could feel the power inside of her, though her control over it tended to be somewhat lacking.  As far as spiritual matters went, this nightly meditation ritual was about as deep as she got.  She had mastered jutsu, learned to sit on a ceiling for hours on end, but precise control had always evaded her.  Instead, this practice helped not only to sooth her warrior spirit, but also center, smooth, and grow the chakra supply she had naturally.

In truth her chakra supply had always been impressive, even if only as a gift from the eight tailed bird hidden away deep in her being.  When she ran low, she could often count on at least some extra being fed to her from the Bijuu, but it was rare enough that she even ran low on her own supply of chakra.  Only use of the shadow clone jutsu ever fatigued her spiritual power, so her chakra reserves have remained hidden for some time.  Instead she tended to exhaust her muscles long before her chakra ever ran out.  Spear and sword were her way, and jutsu most often fell to the way sides while she practiced.  

Lost in her own world, she had no willful control over her chakra.  In truth she did nothing, she simply let the energy within her grow continually from a place of peace and calm.  When the chakra flowed without restraint, it swelled within her.  It pushed and stretched, opening her chakra network to let more and more flow within it.  Over the years she practiced this passive talent it built up.  Little by little the increase grew, expanding her source and helping to let more and more flow each night.  It wasn't something she consciously trained, instead it was something she unconsciously trained, allowing her spirit to fill freely the full confines of her growing chakra network.

While this growth went unnoticed over all, there were times when it shown through.  During those particularly tough battles, where every ounce of both physical and spiritual stamina were tested, Saya was able to push more and more from within her.  Clones consumed most of it, splitting her chakra up into portions and sometimes causing large amounts to be lost at once.  Her weapons, however, also took their toll.  Her spear was well known to channel chakra, drawing it from within her to alight the blade with crackling lightning and sparking chakra.  She could swing her spear faster this way, using the edge and her speed for surprise assaults against her enemies.  
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PostSubject: Re: Genin Tails (Training, flashback)   Genin Tails (Training, flashback) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 3:13 am


The first time her bijuu managed to get a foothold in her body and mind is something that Saya still has difficulty in fully recalling. In one moment she was in the heat of battle, fending off the viscous advances of an enemy chuunin. The next moment her mind skips towards the end of the fight, the enemy shinobi missing a limb and pinned beneath both her strange body and her spear. The tip had been thrust fully through his chest and deep into the earth beneath him, nailing him to the ground like a bulletin on the wall of a ramen shop. She was soaked with the mans blood, vivid red splotches staining her dress. Her hands and her feet were both dripping, and so perhaps it was for the best that she did not remember the carnage that lead too it.

She had already learned to meditate, and had been practicing it regularly, though her trances were most often shallow and disturbed by fear, anxiety, and deep insecurities. She was 10 years old, but already well practiced in her sword play. The enemy ninja had come for her, seeking her out in the night in order to secret her away. Extraction of her bijuu had no doubt been the goal, she figured this much out on her own, but the fact that someone so much older and stronger would attempt to kill someone so much younger rubbed wrong on the innate sense of honor that guided Saya's life. When he had attacked, Saya put up an amazing defense.

When he attacked left, Saya evaded right. When his sword swung high, she tucked and rolled beneath it. As always, her confidence grew as she managed to dance away from his weapons and his hands each time he had tried to attack her, but the man had only been testing her, teasing her, tormenting her in hopes to bring the bijuu to the surface. Lost, as they were, amid the great gyser fields of Joki, the man could take his time. No other eyes had been watching them, and so he wore her down. Kicks and punches began to finally land when Saya began to slow down, each impact only further decreasing her chances at victory. Her loss was a forgone conclusion for most, however the power of a Bijuu should never be underestimated.

Saya and Thunderbird had long formed their alliance. He tried to feed her chakra, tried to speak too, and assist Saya, but she was still inexperienced in actually harassing her bijuu's power. Of course, Thunderbird had no desire to change hosts. As her body grew weaker and weaker, the enemy continued to berate and belittle Saya. It was enraging for her, for such an obviously superior adversary to assault her and pretend the fight was in any way fair. He pushed, and she broke. Deep inside her, the Beast within was alight with fury and power, and forced its way to the surface.

It was a rush of power that blacked out her mind, rising to the surface for the first time in her life a murderous urge to simply destroy. It was storm, the spirit of primal destruction, that had awoken in her, and her bijuu cloak appeared. At first the man was excited, but with the inner storm, and external storm blossomed around her. Bubbling blue, thick and rife with tiny flashes of lightning, her body was soon covered, blanketed in the thick chakra. Her hands and feet had particularly thick concentration of the stuff, extending out into long claws from her fingers, and slightly shorter claws from her toes. Her shoulders, face and hips almost all seemed thick and furry, until her first tail grew. It was long and slender, and as the tail reached its full length of almost 5 feet, it's edges finally filled out to a soft, feathered edge. At that moment she was possessed, not only by the bird, but by her own willing bloodlust, and determination to do anything it took to defeat this bothersome foe.

When she sprung into action she was nothing but claws and terror, leaping atop the man like some manner of jungle beast. Claws flashed as they cut in horrid arcs, digging deep through leather, linen, and the soft flesh beneath it. Screams began to fill the afternoon as excess chakra simply bubbled around her. Her impressive chakra store was not working on it's own, but supplementation with her bijuu tails made the otherwise beaten and exhausted shinobi fight with a fresh zeal that was both remarkable and devastating. In short order the fight was over, but her wrath did not let it end there. Storm Release was flowing through her, channeling straight from her bijuu and through her claws, then destroying both flesh and organs alike with coursing, burning hot electricity.

The fight continued with Saya nearly taking flight, her chakra cloak flaring with sublime brilliance. She moved faster and faster, striking harder and harder, the bird like tail behind her spreading wider and wider. As it fed her power, knocked her enemy skywards, slammed him back to the ground, then sent him flying with solid kicks to his side. Trees cracked and strained from the man's impact, as bones beneath his skin shattered and became useless. He was left a suffering mass which was almost inhuman, odd angles in his limbs, blue-black flesh swollen almost beyond recognition. An arm was torn off as he tumbled along the ground, but a deep gash placed by Saya's Raiko Tsume, her lightning claws, had already weakened the joint. Blood was spattered everywhere, jagged flashes of dripping red leaking down tree trunks and collecting in thick pools. Even while the man lay breathing his last breaths, the beast within was still not done.

Saya's last attempt to stop herself came shortly before the nail was driven through her enemies chest. There was disgrace in what she had done, a brutal, bloodthirsty breach of her own honor.

In spite of the rage inside of her, in spite of the lose battle she was fighting with the bijuu for control of her physical self, she managed to cease her rush towards the falled enemy. She grit her teeth, she balled her fists, she growled at herself and solidified her will, but even that was not quite enough. When her enemy wheezed, choked, and then coughed up a small pool of blood, Saya went off like a hair trigger.

In an instant a hand not her own reached out from within her, stretching her bijuu cloak into a long, flexible arm. In one fluid move it picked her spear up like a toothpick, lifted it high into the air, and then slammed its point down into the half dead chuunin and sunk almost three feet of the spear through his body and into the ground beneath him. Death accepted the shinobi at that instant, and saya's psyche cracked just a little bit more.

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PostSubject: Re: Genin Tails (Training, flashback)   Genin Tails (Training, flashback) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 5:16 am


This was the power of her Bijuu.  This was the power of her Eight Tails.  She had felt it fully, she had unleashed it, but as her will became her own once more, only the single tail remained behind.  Still she did not feel weak.  She felt no fatigue, she felt as fresh as she had been when the fight begun.  Her chakra supply was immense, and even with the use of jutsu she still had energy to spare.  Instead the suffering she felt was purely that of a breaking heart.  Even in her young age Saya was a creature of honor, one that refused to scuttle from shadow to shadow like a frightened rabbit.  Thunderbird had instilled within her a fearless disposition, once based solely around black and white choices.  There were no shades of grey, either an action was justified, or it was not.  In Saya's mind, her honor was more important than her life.  In Thunderbird's his life was more important than Saya's honor.

She stumbled almost lifelessly over towards the prone, expired form of the shinobi her bijuu had just slaughtered, still glowing blue from her bijuu cloak.  She could feel the smug indifference the eight tails felt towards the cold blooded murder it had just committed, but Saya only felt the hot blood still coating the haft of her spear.  When she finally gained control of herself fully, she was tugging at the spear, trying with all her might to pull it out of both the shinobi and the ground.  It was stuck fast, locked in place by the pressure of dirt, and the pressure of the blood and innards leaking out around it.  The gaping hole she'd created in her final act had sloshed closed and held it fast.

Tears formed in her eyes as the pain in her heart spread.  The only saving grace she had, or so she thought, was that no one had ever seen the action.  No one had witnessed the great atrocity to her own honor that she had committed.  No one had seen her spoil her own virtue for the simple act of self preservation.  She pulled and she pulled, her bijuu cloak slowly bubbling away and evaporating as she did.  Prying her spear loose required far to much work, pushing the corpse aside, twisting and prying until slowly, inch by inch the weapon gave and slipped free.

It was a horror for her, a scar laid deep with her heart that she still had not quite recovered from.  She repressed herself, restrained her heart even more after the emotional outburst, further solidifying the wall of stoic placidity that masked her emotions since then.

Her meditations became much more serious, first simply for the purpose of communing with, bargaining with, and unleashing her frustrations upon the Thunderbird inside of her.  It put a great rift in their friendship which lasted for nearly a full year.

She did her best to build a wall between them when the bijuu scolded her for speaking out of line.  It treated her like a subject and expected to be treated like a king, but Saya would not have it.  Bullheaded to a fault, she would prefer never touching the bijuu's power again, if it meant saving her own honor.  So it went, at first, and Saya cut her heart out to avoid the bijuu's advances.  When it spoke, she would not answer.  She heard its words, but erased them from her mind the moment they were spoken.  The bijuu could not be trusted, it was too wild, to furious.  At the same time, Saya was too cold.  She was an ice storm to match the fury of the hurricane within her.  Cold waters ran deep, and froze what part of her wished to remain friends with her beast.

Meditations only further enraged the bijuu, as her when her mind was truly vacant, it could not find her to speak to her.  Its voice would only echo through the unconscious void of her psyche, and return it no answer, no satisfaction.

This relationship could not last, and quickly both of them were becoming bitter.  The bijuu frequently lashed out at Saya, but all his anger and all his frustration did nothing to melt Saya's heart.  Forgiveness was not something doled out easily by the girl.  Forgiveness required compassion, it required a shred of light from which positive emotion could grow.  Saya seemed to have none, and for months the Thunderbird raged in vain in his great steel cooking pot prison.

It was the Thunderbird that first broke the feud.  Instead of rage, it took a different tack.  The great Thunderbird was above something so simple as an apology to something so inferior as Saya, but he still had to live with her.  In a way, her ability to be so belligerent and stubborn had even impressed the bird.  It waited until her heart was calm, until the silver tether between heart and mind were at their most eased before it approached with softer tones.

“This can not continue.” Saya remembered the bird saying, not in tones that spoke of regret or sympathy, but with tones honeyed with an attempt at diplomacy.  Withdrawing from her deeper meditations, his voice rang clear as a bell in her mind, and she listened.  “We must live together.  We must exist as one, but we are split.  Neither of us benefits from this arrangement.”

Saya remained cold, and silent, ignoring the bird's voice as it filtered through the empty silence of her mind.  Instead she focused on her chakra.  She assessed it, measured it, weighed it, and tried to increase its quantity.  Self sufficiency had its benefits.  More and more she was decreasing her need to accept help from the Bijuu.  Her determination to never again fall into a similar situation pushed her, drove her ever onwards on a path towards perfection of mind and body.

Saya, you must listen to me.

Yet no response came.  The flow of her chakra remained cool and steady.


Her ability to block out his voice was what always set her off.

Damnit!  Cursed girl, how could I ever end up stuck in such an insignificant, wreched little worm?

Silence followed his insults, she had ignored them for so long.  Oddly enough, however, after that moment she finally spoke to him.  It was not sympathy that softened her heart.  No, she wanted to explain once more why she simply could not accept that bitter, dishonorable bird as her partner.

I am not insignificant.  That you do not understand this only confirms the reason you have been banished from my heart.  the two were so similar, even their speaking patterns had begun to reflect each others.

You have not banished me, you have banished your own heart.  You've cut out your source of power, and you fool yourself into thinking it is your own strength that has let you do so.  But you are only being bull headed, and arrogant.  You've turned your back on the person who made you who you are.  You have turned your back on me, and rewarded yourself with weakness for having done so.

I am not weak.

You are, girl.  You are.  You exist now in delusion, and if you let it continue you will curse yourself to a short life, and quick death.

I can take care of myself..

No you can't!  You will never be strong enough on your own!  You would already be dead, if not for me.

“Death in battle is an acceptable end.”

“Do not be so wasteful with your life, foolish girl, it is the only one you will ever have!  We are honorable-” honorable... came her response, the first world almost shouted into the empty space between her voice and the bijuu's.

WE are honorable, Saya.  What I did, I did for you as much as I did it for myself.  You are like a child to me, Saya, and everything you know comes from me.  I taught you the path of honor, I taught you the path of nobility.  ME, and yet now you speak as if you know more of such things than I do.  You ignore me like a child, and yet pretend that while you do so, you are making progress.  You are not.

There is no honor in what you did.  No honor in what you made me do.

Death will be a part of you, Saya, you are shinobi.  You are a weapon.  You are Saya..  that whose purpose is to hold a sword.

The irony of her name was never lost on her.  Her katana flashes through her mind, the blue wooden saya in which it was sheathed resonating with her name.

We exist to be powerful. the bird's voice continues, rumbling like a gentle, distant thunder.  Our honor is not born from self sacrifice.  What are the two most important things?

After a moment Saya answers, she knew the words well.  Never Surrender.  Never Give Up.

We must never lift our blade to spill the blood of the helpless.  But the man I killed, the man We killed.. was not helpless.  He was shameful.  He was an lout without honor, one who preyed upon those weaker than he.  He sought out, ambushed, and slayed children like yourself, in order to think his skills were superior.  Do you think you were the first he attacked?  I think you were the first to survive.  And now the world is without him.

You were nothing but anger..

No, Saya.  It is you who were nothing but anger.  You, who had your weakness exposed.  You unleashed me, you welcomed the anger and power I brought with me.  It was with your own rage that I entered you, poured my power into your body, and sought to restore the honor he had taken from you, by forcing you to show fear.

I was not afraid!

you were, Saya.  Death is no easy thing to face.  You were afraid, and you were right to be so.  You were only moments from death.  Death is not something we learn from, it is not a challenge we over come.  Death is the end, the final page in our story.  It must be avoided, but it must be avoided carefully.  We do not give in to fear, when we adjust our strategy.  We embrace dishonor when we panic.  You panicked, Saya, and I saved you.

There was then a long silence.  In her placid state, bereft of insecurity and able to fully analyze the past, she could not help but agree.  It was not a sudden realization, she mulled over his words long enough to once more stir the bird's ire.  It ruffled it's great feathers, struggled and pecked at the lid of his cage, but was helpless to escape or act against her.

Don't ignore me, girl!

I'm sorry. the pair of words cut through the mounting tension like her spear through the her enemy's chest.  There was silence again between them both, but it was Saya who spoke again.

I am sorry.  You are right, I was afraid.  I did not want to die, I did not want that man to win.  I was angry, but I trusted you.  You took my body, and you made it your own.  His death was not ..  right.  It was full of hate, full of anger.  I.. .. I didn't want to do that.  I just wanted to win..

you could not have.  That man would not fight you, if there were a chance you would win.  He is dishonorable, he is a sneak.  Those with such little honor, those who actively seek the path of shame… they do not deserve the honor they deny others.  The reason we adhere to the code of honor is because it weakens our blades.  It proves to the world that it is through our skill alone, and not through low trickery, that we grow in power.

But you tore his arm off, you ripped his guts out of his stomach, and you drove my yari so deep within his chest that I could barely remove it.

Yes, Saya, and I would do it again.  Honorless deserve no honor.  They deserve the death they receive, for they would give it to a thousand people without batting an eye.  That you took such great offense to my actions, only proves what measures must be needed to make an example of such underhanded and vile creatures.

Saya was silent for a moment, letting the bird continue to speak.

You must listen to me.  Your heart is the seat of your power.  Only it may temper the talent of your mind.  Only when your heart and mind are in harmony, will you grow in power.

I will give you one more chance. Saya says, having thought on the Thunderbird's words.  He did not seem pleased.

You still misunderstand, Saya.  You must place all of your trust in me, as I have placed all mine in you.  We, like your mind and heart, must be one.  One mind, one will.  We must think the same, and know perfectly what each of us is doing.  The tail I loaned you overwhelmed you.  It was more power than you were ready for, but we will get there again.  I will teach you how to contain it.  I will help you grow your energy, and drag you into meditations deeper than you've experienced yet.  Only when there is true harmony within you, will you understand.

The conversation continued on for most of a day as Saya listened, once more falling into her natural place as a student to the only being who'd ever been her friend.  The injury on her honor still did not feel healed, but she had to admit that the bijuu made compelling arguments for its actions.  

As the weeks passed, the two feel back into their old sensations.  Saya even apologized eventually, offering up compliments and flattery to the great noble bird as she knew it enjoyed.  It preened itself, and brooded over her like a nervous father, once more joining her meditations to guide her through them.

It was a wonderful return to the past, and it came at the perfect time.  She had hit a roadblock in her growth, her chakra stagnating and flowing only in monotonous circulation.  The reason why was exactly as the eight tails had told her, she had severed a vital connection between her chakra source, and her mind.  Her heart was as much a part of her as her cold, analytical mind was, and she had neglected it.  When it returned to the picture, she began to blossom once more.

Thunderbird's voice guided her, whispering once more in the background of her mind, guiding her meditations towards the deeper realms of ethereal existence.  Deeper and deeper she plunged into absolute nothing, the void, a vacancy of mind that let the spirit, the heart, fully swell and consume her form.  Her chakra flowed like a torrent as she did, opening her source, the pit in her stomach, that second heart located near her center, and out of it flowed her chakra.  With it, the bijuu bled some of his own chakra into her network, overloading her at times, but also assisting her in further increasing the deepest reaches of her center.  The meditation became something she loved, quickly escalating to being second only to sojutsu, her spear training.

This has continued since then, each night, every night, but those early days were the ones in which she learned the most.  The connection between bijuu and host was so strong that full beast transformation may have been possible if the two tried, but Saya was simply not ready to hold such power, and such righteous fury at the center of her mind, without being able to temper it through her own noble, and honorable heart.

That honor was the key to her success in meditation, for it forced her to exercise increasing amounts of willpower, judgment, and care with every action she took.  It ruled over her each moment of her life, in the same way that she had to rule over her chakra.  She didn't do so with force, but she did so by letting her spirit fall in line with her heart, and her heart in line with her mind.  This was the circulatory path that pushed her towards growth, that allowed her to stretch and stretch the pathways inside of her, strengthening her chakra network not through quality of control, but through sheer excess.

She unleashed her chakra like a broken dam released a lake, and let the sheer volume wash through her chakra network like the relentless torrent of a flash flood.  Clones she created came easily, energetically, lasted for as long as she needed them.  When they dispersed, she hardly noticed the chakra they took with them.  Jutsu became simple things, devastating things as the chakra poured into them overcharged their power, moving them faster, strengthening their essence like her training enhanced her own.  She was a wonder, but she did not show it off.  

Honor still kept her humble.  Self control still kept her from exposing her true talents, when prying eyes may be looking to observe her.  The swollen supply of chakra in her stomach was always an odd comfort for her, a source of power that was as reliable as her own hands, as reliable as her sword, and as reliable as the great bird beneath her breast.

As she grew up, Saya never slowed down.  Out of the public eye, lacking in friends, given only minor missions and no team, Saya was gifted with endless time to train, practice, and increase her talent in nearly every area.  She picked up jutsu for her earth release, learned to focus her lightning through her spear, and even mastered non-elemental jutsu like Kage Bunshin.  

Meditation is a tool Saya uses each day now, and as familiar to her as sword play.  She would count it among her greatest talents, and count the rewards for such spiritual harmony as one of her finest tools.  The near endless supply of chakra she can bring forth is one of the things that carried her forward to her chuunin promotion, though few still know just how deep the ocean of her chakra goes.

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Approved for 5300 Experience for Training close to 5k and Bijuu interaction, which Im counting as Friendship and Ect
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Genin Tails (Training, flashback)
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