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name ;; Maatdojul
Rank ;; D-Rank
personality ;; Maatdojul is an excellent analyst of people. From only a short conversation with an individual, he can determine the source of their motivation, their character, and gain a detailed analysis of their overall character. It is for this reason that he is the Contract Holder of the Dovah Contract.
element ;; None.
species ;; Dovah (Dragon)
description ;; Maatdojul is a western serpent-style dragon with brown scales. He had short clawed arms and feet and a long tail with horns running all down the back. He holds the Dovah Contract in his clawed arms at all times.
Durability ;; 6
Speed ;; 50
Strength ;; 6
Chakra ;; 6
Current Contractor ;; Roku Enzoka, Kasai Uchiha
Jutsu ;; N/A
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