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Name: Inuzuka (犬塚一族)
Founder: N/A
Location: Steam Only(Jokigakure)

History: The Inuzuka were a small distant tribe before the creation of Jokigakure. They served as trackers and patrols in the early days of the village's birth: a skill that has been honed and expected in them for the sake of the village's prosperity.

Special Info: Every Inuzuka is raised as a pair with a canine companion.

Requirements: Clan-born or adopted.

Current Members: N/A

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: N/A

Jutsu: TBA

Clan Special Characteristics:
Name:  Animal Instincts
Rank: D-S
Requirements: Born into the Clan
Type: Physical
Description: As A member of the inuzuka clan, these members are given their own Canine Companions to grow and become powerful with. The dog companions trust these Humans because of their Fangs and Claws as well as their own animal instincts. Inuzuka Members gain an additional +1 stat point per level up. Their canine companions level up with them, but only gain +5stats per level(Between Strength, Speed & Endurance only). Additionally, clan-born Inuzuka gain heightened senses of hearing and smell. They can head and smell better in a range at 5/10/15/20/25 percent(of their chakra stat in meters) in accordance to the rank of their SC.

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