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Post by NC. Webmaster on Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:58 am

Joki Item Shop Weapon10

Item Shop

To the village's Item shop, here you can buy just about anything, From Books to Ninja tools.

Books For Sale:

Bingo Book: 10 ryo
Gives Insight on any and all Missing Ninja in the Ninja world, Gives Name, Registered Rank, and Face.
The History of the land: 10 ryo
This Book gives insight to the past, which has already been written in the timeline
Genjutsu Basics: 150 Ryo
A book of Genjutsu from C rank and lower
Ninjutsu C rank and Lower: 200 Ryo


Kunai: 150 Ryo
Shuriken: 150 ryo
Explosive Tags: 500 Ryo
Smoke Bomb: 100 Ryo
Senbon: 20 ryo
Vial of Poison: 500 Ryo
Katana: 1000 Ryo
Roll of Wire: 50 Ryo per 4 meters

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