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Puppets are a form of long-ranged weaponry in which a person manipulates a (usually) humanoid puppet.  These puppets tend to have a lot of weapons and modifications built-in, and Puppet Masters tend to coat these weapons in poison.  Puppets move at speeds equal to the user’s chakra.

The amount of puppets someone can effectively control depends on their Hands, or jutsu used. For Each Finger the user can control a single puppet of E through C, but chakra has a big pull on this, if someone has chakra lower than 15 they can only control a Single E - C rank Puppet with both hands. Around 30 Chakra They Can Control Puppets with 2 fingers of the E - C Rank and use 5 fingers to control B and Up. Once you hit 50 Chakra you can use a Single finger to control C and Lower puppets and Two Fingers to control B and Higher. Around gaining 70+ Chakra Puppet users will be able to use  B and Up Puppets.

If someone tries to use a Puppet of B and up they will need to use one extra finger to control the puppets, such as: B Rank 2 fingers, A rank 3 fingers, S rank 4 fingers. Ninja with Chakra levels 70 and up can control Higher ranked Puppets with one finger.

-Starting Puppets-

If Puppetry is one of someone's starting Specialties, they can cash in their jutsu for puppets equal to their Jutsu. such as Someone who is given 8 starting jutsu can start with 8 Puppets Instead.

E rank: Can Not Start with Puppets.
D Rank: Can Start with 4 Puppets, 2 can be C Rank
C Rank: Can Start with 6 Puppets, 3 can be B rank
B Rank: Can Start with 8 Puppets, 4 can be A rank
A Rank: Can start with 12 Puppets, 2 can be S rank
S Rank: Can Start with 14 Puppets, 3 can be S rank

Puppets will have a Durability, after you have begun your roleplaying life this Durability will cost money when making a new Puppet. When you start with the Puppets your Durability will give your puppets it's ranks. Here are the Ranks that compare to the given Durability.

150 - 120 Durability = S Rank Puppet
119 - 100 = A rank
99 - 70 = B Rank
69 - 40 =  C Rank
39 - 15 = D Rank
14 - 1 = E Rank

-Creating Puppets-

When creating a puppet you will be limited to simply what and how much can go in and on your puppet. Each Puppet of each rank can have a variety of things such as Chakra enhanced Weapons, or hidden blades, Fire packs and such. Each slot on the puppet can contain a basic weapon. Weapons such as water guns, Flamethrowers, Drills and such make up two slots. Adding one more slot to the Puppet will cost 300 ryo. Here is how much each puppet is allowed.

D Rank: 4 Slots, No Elemental or Chakra Enhanced Weapons
C Rank: 6 Slots
B Rank: 8 Slots
A Rank: 10 Slots
S Rank: 12 Slots

-Human Puppetry-

Human Puppetry is a forbidden ninja art that allows a puppeteer to create puppets from human corpses. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition - as well as adding weapons and defenses - a puppeteer can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any techniques once acquired.

Before Creating a Human Puppet one must meet these conditions:
-Have Puppetry and Medical Specialties and be B rank +
-Acquired the Body in a 48 Hour period after they are dead.
-The body must have Mild to Minor Injuries.

Jutsu For Human Puppetry:



• [color=teal]Name ;;[/color] Human Puppet Creation
• [color=teal]Rank ;;[/color] X Rank
• [color=teal]Type ;;[/color] Puppetry, Medical
• [color=teal]Element ;;[/color] None
• [color=teal]Range ;;[/color] Short
• [color=teal]Power ;;[/color] X
• [color=teal]Speed ;;[/color] X
• [color=teal]Description ;;[/color] This is a forbidden ninja technique that allows the user to make a puppet which can contain and use chakra. This is done by making a living human into a puppet. The user requires a human corpse in near-pristine condition to begin with. This will take 7 days {1 day = 12 hours real time} or 1,500 each limb to replace all human parts as puppet parts, Head, Right leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm will take one day each and the Torso will take two days.
• [color=teal]Requirements ;;[/color] Puppetry and Medical
• [color=teal]Wordcount ;;[/color] 4000 words to learn.


New Template for Puppets:


[color=green]Name :[/color]
[color=green]Appearance :[/color]
[color=green]Rank :[/color]
[color=green]Requirements :[/color]

[color=green]Durability :[/color]
[color=green]Mechanisms :[/color]
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Puppet System
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