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Kirigaku, Gouka (wip) Latest?cb=20161018032645

Name: Kirigaku, Gouka
Alias(es): [aliases that your character goes by]
Title: [special titles]

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alignment: Neutral


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160
Body Type: Athletic
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color & Style: Black and messy
Jewelry: N/A
Markings: N/A
Anything Else: N/A

Quote :
Gouka is average to the point of being nearly bland. His hair, such a dark shade of brown that it's often mistaken for black, lies nearly flat along  his head in messy, spiky locks. At its longest, it is level with his nose and ears, never a centimeter more or less. Oddly enough, despite his apparent lack of care, his hair is always perfectly framed around his eyes, never, for even a second, directly obscuring his view. Despite the messy appearance, the hair itself always maintains a healthy sheen, bespeaking of careful and thorough washing.

Gouka's eyes are... Strange, for a lad his age. A dark blue, his eyes bring to mind a deep sea abyss, a thousand years of secrets lost in their depths. The dark coloring makes his pupils nearly invisible, only a slightly darker patch betraying their presence. Despite their disinterested look, they are always attentive, never breaking eye-contact with whomever speaks to him, never failing to notice a slight twitch, a sudden spasm in a gust of wind. Stare long enough, and it becomes easy to believe he never blinks while someone is watching.

The face his eyes are set in is, for lack of a better word, plain. Thin lips, a small, slightly pointed nose, and thin black eyebrows betray little expression, save for the occasional sarcastic smirk, or a credulous arch to the brow. He has a narrow, but strong chin, without even the faintest trace of peach-fuzz which looks like he’s avoided puberty. His skin is a pale peach colored, virtually unblemished. The only lines to mark his face are a crease in his brow when he cares to frown, a dimple on his right cheek when he has occasion to grin; though such grins rarely reach his eyes and a small scar across his left eye. Otherwise, his expression is generally carefully, tactfully blank.

Somewhat tall, Gouka stands at 5'11", weighing about 73 kilos. His build is slender, giving him a somewhat unnaturally thin look for his height. Despite the deceptively thin look, it would be more precise to describe Gouka as "compact." His arms and legs are well toned, in  a manner similar to a coiled spring. Even when he is relaxed, these springs always look coiled and ready to break loose. He has decent stamina, and is generally thought to be one of the fastest genins in his class.

Gouka's clothes are generally simple and efficient. When he is off-duty, or has a day off, he prefers civilian gear; simple white sneakers, a white, button up shirt with a single pocket in the from, and loose, comfortably fitting jeans. for the most part, however, he generally remains in mission gear; a thin, no sleeved black shirt, over which goes a harness he can attach a backpack to; thin, black cotton gloves, and a mechanism on each wrist, filled with coiled wire, to attach to his daggers; a utility belt, containing a pouch for smoke bombs and explosive tags, a few spare coils of wire, and a rappelling rig. His pants are black, close-fitting but loose around the joints; a kunai pouch strapped to his right leg, black boots with thick, grounded rubber soles; and over it all, a black trench coat with loose sleeves, the tail reaching just past his knees.

Though few ever actually see it, when Gouka is without a shirt and his back is exposed, it is revealed to be a mass of scars. Peppered across his back are sprawling, roiling knots of skin, ranging from the usual peach-color of his skin to slightly paler, to an angry red in the lower areas. Anyone with sufficient knowledge will realize that they are burn scars, intermixed with an apparent peppering of shrapnel scars. If pressed, Gouka will admit to no pain from the scars, only a tightness of the back when bending too far.


Motto: Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.

Quote :
There are many types of ninjas in the world. There is the genius, who's always miles ahead, always gains power with ease. There is the strategist, always three steps ahead, never without a plan. There's the maniac, a ruthless murderer who derives their greatest pleasure from killing. There is the leader, that one charismatic, skilled individual who can convince even the most cynically jaded fellow that the fight is worth fighting. There is even the idiot, the one who can't  tell one end of the kunai from the other, who gets by on sheer luck and courage.

And then there's Kirigaku Gouka.

Gouka is, in a word, "Impersonal." In several words he can be described as solitary, quiet, invisible, blunt, and honest. Despite being one of the highest ranking in his class, and reputably one of the fastest as well, in all his years at the academy he always remained an enigma, to classmates and instructors alike.

As said previously, the best word to describe Gouka is "impersonal." He is not the genius striving for power, not the strategist seeking knowledge, not a mad man looking to kill legally, not a leader striving for a dream, nor even an idiot looking to prove himself. Gouka feels no more passionate about being a ninja than if he had chosen to be a blacksmith, or a doctor. To him, it is simply a job, and one he intends to do skillfully and efficiently. Once upon a time, he might have felt differently, but such a time is long gone.

Throughout all his years as a child, Gouka was always a quiet, solitary sort. He preferred to keep to himself, finding sustenance in training both his body and his mind. In all his time asa child, the closest thing he had to a friend was Hanzoku Kirima, who constantly pestered him in an attempt to get either a rise or a smile out of him. Not many make the connection between his speed and his constant escape attempts.

Being a ninja, Gouka can whole-fully understand the frequent necessity of subterfuge, seeing beneath the beneath, saying one thing and meaning another. He is even moderately skilled in doing so. That said, the act of it is annoying to him. It is always aggravating to him when he has to hold his tongue. On the whole, he prefers being able to speak bluntly and directly, cutting to the point instead of beating around the bush. To this end, it is very, very rare to hear him tell a lie.

Gouka has few things he truly enjoys, and a very small list of things that can make him truly passionate. He cannot tolerate loudmouths who feel the need to clog the air with the sound of their voice, and he especially hates when people actively lie to him. He considers trust to be a very precious thing, and does not give it lightly, nor take it lightly when someone expresses trust in him.

Another interesting aspect of Gouka's personality, though very subtle, is that he is paranoid. A peculiar type of paranoid. More polite descriptors call him skeptical. Less polite ones often wonder aloud why he hasn't resorted to wearing a tinfoil hat. He is very wary of trusting anyone or anything, and is very finely aware of the difference between "Impossible" and "Improbable." If an instructor proved to be a spy and dropped the disguise in preparation to slaughter the class, Gouka would be the first one throwing kunai. He will not believe an enemy is dead until he's seen the body himself, and personally removed its head. If someone told him the sky was blue, he'd still look up anyway just to make sure.


Strengths: [each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance or by training. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. Academy(E Rank) - 1 basic, Genin(D Rank) - 1 basic, Chuunin (C Rank)- 2 basic, Sp. Jounin - 2(B Rank), Jounin(A Rank) - 2 basic, Sanin (S rank)- 2 basic, Kage(SS rank) - 2 basic


Rank: Jonin
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Clan: Poison Release Kirigaku Clan
Special Type: N/A

Stats: starting stats for each rank are as follows:

E-Rank: 10 points
D-Rank: 70 points
C-Rank: 140 points
B-Rank: 210 points
A-Rank: 280 points
S-Rank: 350 points
SS-Rank: 420 points
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Speed: [this is how much speed a character has]
Durability: [this is how much durability a character has]
Chakra: [this is how much chakra a character has]


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Quote :
Gouka was born into the Kirigaku clan, whose chief area was a plot of land that was more of less a single castle like area. The entire clan's residence lived in this castle with its own courtyard and garden and the like. While this would seemingly be a fancy living space, it was something that 40+ people could be living in the castle at any one time. It was more of a modern day hotel then a mansion of mansion. With that said the castle did run on something of a miniature monarchy of a system. There was the head of the clan and then his many advisers which were most likely the heads of individual families within the clan. These were also next to be the patriarch when they were removed. Many individuals were enlisted to move to an better established village in the country as a contribution of the overall patriotism of the nation and also to keep track of affairs on an international level. All shinobi would have to report to the clan members within the reasonable limits of the villages respective gag orders. It was something of a symbiotic relationship that the clan existed within the rules of the nation itself peacefully but this was all thanks to Gouka's father, who was the current monarch. He was the one who instituted many of the clans more peaceful law. That stated, each of the males had to undergo simple 'knights training' which included ability to wield a sword under oath of armor... done at a young age so that each individual no matter their calling in life, would at least be able to stand up for themselves if need be.

The family raised Gouka like no other child and though his father was the leader this was political power only. His family received no more wealth or attention than any other within the confines to the castle. Gouka always seemed a little different from his early interactions with other children. He would always participate but would fail to ever stand out. Early swords games used foam that didn't at all hurt to actually get hit with and slowly as the kids of his generation grew they would begin playing games of knights and adventurous tales throughout the castle. Gouka, however, always had his head in a book and even if he was playing along seemed mildly distracted with whatever was on his mind. When he was given his first wooden sword and shield he was no better than any of his classmates, though only six, and showed little to no extra talent. The boy simply had other interests. But what? Gouka was studying the world outside of the castle from books and scrolls. The world of the shinobi and the skills of it. The many wars, and the heroes and villains that emerged to be. While all the other children played with sword and shield, he would be imagining himself as a brave and powerful shinobi...

Thus as he came of age, he asked his father if he took could become one of these individuals to be drafted into the life of the shinobi. His father was surprised! After all, being the leader there was some right that the child would some day come to lead the clan himself. He explained that leaving the Kirigaku clan territory to become a shinobi was something that he would find to be an adventure of trials, and uphill battle where the mind and body are tested by hot steel and cooled in the humbling chill of death. It was then that Gouka explained that the blade of a knight is made harder from the fire and that the experience only made his skills with the blade stronger. He explained that he wished to find his purpose not within the confines of the knighthood, but as a shinobi. His father agreed with his ten year old son, and the very next day reservations were set for his son to travel to a neighboring village...

Shinobi Arc[Genin-Chunnin]~

The boy was accompanied by two other youth of the clan who were to be enlisted as shinobi. They would gradually become companions as they sat in the back of the horse drawn covered wagon they were being transported in. They were all of the same age, though one, eleven years old and much bigger would be the oldest. It wasn't until they got there that they really took in the scale of the village. Dozens of people moving about in a bustling fashion as though a country boy was seeing the city for the first time, and with this excitement and anxiety they set out to accomplish their dreams and expectations the village had for them. Time would pass and the two would find new friends and drift apart. It was Gouka that excelled, but only in that he was talented as many other of his age, not necessarily a genius of his time. He stayed to himself for the majority of the time, not because he was without friends, but because he was comfortable in his ability to be alone. Much of his free time as spent studying technique and training. He was a driven by his decision and his goals as well as his wish to eventually discover his own purpose and calling in life.

It was only after becoming a genin that him and his two original companions were summoned back to the clans territory in order to celebrate their success. During this time, he was introduced to the special jutsu of the clan... poison style, by his father. It was something that was used for quite some time in the past, however was sealed away for the use of only a few in order to maintain the purity of the jutsu. The hijutsu however has been recorded and kept secret and only revealed to those shinobi of the clan, and the individuals who led the clan, namely the clan leader and his number of vassals. He alone was taken by his father to learn poison style, while the other two boys were celebrating and vacationing with their families. It is important to note that this was against the clan law. The father as the patriarch was threatening his very position. Gouka, however, took this as a great opportunity. For him, this was his big chance to make something his own, and call forth his purpose vicariously through it.

Thankfully, poisons were something he had great talent for. As he grew, he traveled often from the hidden village to the clans territory in which he could go on simple mission, make a small amount of money and return home to undergo special training by his father in secret. He was ordered for the time to not use his ability outside of his training and thus he was able to find a niche in his shinobi society by medical ninjutsu. He caught the eye of an experienced medic-nin for having created his own supplementary antidote pill for universal use and distributing it amongst his peers in a mission situation. For the 13 year old boy. this was an exceptional act. After obtaining a sample of the antidote and studying it for himself he summoned the boy to his quarters and drilled him arduously as to the thinking behind his medicine to clarify that it was in fact him that created it. Gouka thought that his cover was blown and that he was in trouble but in fact, the medic-nin offered him and apprenticeship under himself in which Gouka happily took.

Now he was learning top level medical ninjutsu techniques while at any time escaping home to increase his knowledge of poisons and his ability to create and manipulate them himself. These two instead of burdening each other became a great complementation of the other and he would accel in both because he was practically practicing too sides of the same coin; in one hand he was created poison; the sword, and on the other hand he was perfecting medical ninjutsu; the shield. There were the weapons of the knight and just as much as they reflected each other as opposites they complimented each other. By the time he was 15 he was a chunnin working in the hospital with as an apprentice of bonafide medical ninja, as well as a genius of his poisons. As he grew more knowledgeable, he learned things about his body, and the human body in general that gave him some knowledge into his current way of thinking; first of all he made a differentiation between himself and others... he was a rare case... with that said, he also began looking at the human body more and more as a machine with working parts that could be modified and customized.

It was about this time that he began his own laboratory. This was a hidden location within a rare area where most if not all of the plants that surrounded him found their had their own poisonous qualities as defense mechanisms. As such, the beasts in the area the fed on their fruit had built up a tolerance to them! It was the ideal of resistance and antibodies that he was interested in and it was also a place where he could create and invent new toxins and train his ability apart from his fathers eyes and the eyes of a society that might raise question to him. Here he had no limits but his own moral compass and thus the deeper he got into the dark uses of medical ninjutsu alongside poison the more these boundaries were pushed. However, he never stray from his original context, instead, he used his findings to define an answer for the purpose that he was seeking...


This was a note in his lab journal at the age of 16. He thus, with this idea, excommunicated his father for two reasons. First to stop risking his father's position with training that his level of ability had passed, and two, so that separated from his father he would be able to use his poison release without holding back. If he was questioned, the origin of his ability was ultimately himself and his father's influence was something that lost in the past of his clan. He thus had to abandon his clan, however this was something that his father not only understood, but expected. With pride in his son, he released him completely from the bonds of his clan's law. Secondly, he left the hospital that he worked at and quit his apprenticeship. Again, this was a freedom of bonds as he was no longer under another individuals purpose and pace. He could do things his own way and would be able to make a mark on the world as an active shinobi on the battle field instead of simply healing those of the signs and symbols that the world had left upon them in the form of wounds.

Assassin Arc[Jounin-???]~

Within the next two years, he would become a Jounin and part of an assassination squad thanks to his shockingly effective abilities that seemingly had been conjured only recently. Him and his squad wore a black hooded cloaks and moved in secret of the night. An individual who stood out in his own right was now experiencing a number of other things that he wasn't always good at. Though his work as an assassin, he became more adept to the idea of a classic ninja: a figure that moved through the shadows and killed without notice; this mentality continued and was pervasive in his style. Even in events where he would end up facing another shinobi one on one, he would sit back and watch as his methods would take place without even throwing a punch. (It was this part of his life that his encounter with Gashadokuro occurred) As war and the threat of war was cut and ended by treaties, the need for assassins within the village was suppressed as a demilitarizing effort. Many became mercenaries, however he was loyal to the village, sitting in wait for his opportunity to make a mark on the world... Until then Gouka just waited out the wonders of the world.

RP Sample: [for those below Jonin this RP sample is optional, but it nevertheless raises your chances of getting approved. Make sure it is different than the RP samples for your other characters, and make sure it is your character in some iteration. That means it DOESN'T have to be a Naruto RP sample, but it should be a version of your character that has the same name and same personality. Provide at least three paragraphs, or a very well thought out RP sample in general. Short blurbs don't show us you can RP your character well, so prove you can]

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Kirigaku, Gouka (wip)
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