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 Kirigaku Clan [Poison Release]

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PostSubject: Kirigaku Clan [Poison Release]   Kirigaku Clan [Poison Release] Icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2019 7:57 pm

Kirigaku CLan

Name: Kirigaku Clan
Founder: N/A
Location: Sukai Village


Quote :
The Kirigaku Clan has existed for many centuries as a dynastic family. It was said that at some point in the Kirigaku Clan's existence, a series of plagues swept over the clans territory and thus greatly inhibited the clans control over their territory. This along with inter dynastic turmoil and attacking 'barbaric' clans from the borders of the clan continued to threaten the power of the clan. However the Kirigaku clan was saved at this point in time by a mysterious power known as 'chakra'. It would seem as though a movement swept over the world known as ninjutsu, in which people were practicing miracles by taking the power of the soul itself and turning it out against the natural world to manipulate it. The Kirigaku Emperor was running out of resources to stabilize his nation. His name was Clovis Kirigaku. He thus, turned to this as a last resort, inviting a great profit to his home lands to teach his priests the mystical powers of ninjutsu, and the results were much more dramatic than anything he would have ever imagined. This great profit looked over Clovis' land and agreed to help them master the very plagues that raged through his kingdom's population. The great profit, with chakra and the acts of Ninjutsu, allowed the members to rapidly master the power of the plagues, gaining immunity and control of what was once an invisible and unstoppable killer. It was with the help of this individual that the Kirigaku Clans kingdom was saved, and furthermore, that the Poison Release Style was born from it...

However, the kingdom was made of many different groups and families of people and while the Kirigaku Bloodline was forged, not all were so fortunate. With that said, some WERE fortunate and had developed or discovered bloodlines of their own with the awakening of their chakra. While Ninjutsu stabilized the region for some time, the death of the First Shinobi would lead to destabilization. The power to move and influence the world around them was made from a miracle into a weapon, and as one individual would attempt to gain power, others harbored ways of fighting back. Those that couldn't fight would hire other individuals to fight in their stead, and thus the Kirigaku clan became a battle tested and experienced group, who defended and controlled their territory with great valor and an iron fist. While individual attempted from within the kingdom to rise up, barbaric foreigners from outside the borders would continue to attack. It wasn't until a fierce rival appears that the Kirigaku would find themselves defeated... The Senju Clan.

While the Kirigaku were powerful and intellectually advanced and the individuals that were part of the kingdom were also worth their weight, the Senju Clan had technologies of ninjutsu that weren't before seen. Things known as "Fuuinjutsu" allowed one to perform things that only imagined. Wild and powerful beasts known as "Bijuu" under the control of a single man that seemingly could control life itself would make human soldiers look weak! While the Kirigaku tried to counter this incoming threat; they were defeated decisively time and time again by the Senju, and as quickly as they invaded the Kingdom of Kirigaku, they left. With lack of demanding leadership, the Kirigaku's territory was quickly disintegrated into a number of different clan's and families with their own villages, while some became nomadic. The Kirigaku's land was reduced to one hundredth it's original size with it's startling defeat burned into the minds of its members. They thus took up arms themselves, and with anger began to further master what they themselves called their hidden sword. They were determined to gain back the power that they had lost. They also couldn't help but be struck from pride that they thought themselves a superpower and another power greater then their own existed and very well could exist still to the day. They amassed power and resources. They stimulated trade within their families and their small territories, they supported the gaining of knowledge and it was so supported that chakra scholars; individuals that studied the origins of chakra itself would come to meet in this ones place.... The Kirigaku Renaissance had begun.

It lasted for decades, and the result the Kirigaku Clan further sharpening it's blades. Many members that weren't battle ready would become scientists in the name of determining their own power and further the clan's understanding of itself. It wouldn't be too long until the Kirigaku Clan would begin it's crusades to retake many objects of it's previous past. These crusades would take place however they would quickly find that the area around them had already been solidified into a seperate units. This was known now as the Land of Mist. Finding themselves surrounded, they had no choice but to assimilate into this monstrous territory of be destroyed themselves. Over the years many Kirigaku would come to harbor areas of power and political weight within the Country, though the conquering ambition of a lustrous past slowly melted away with the generations. The family name and bloodline still exists today with a rich history that any family name is worth being proud of...

Special Info:
-Poison Release
-Memebers of this clan are only allowed Suiton and Doton as elemental affinities.

-Kirigaku Born

Current Members:
-Kirigaku, Gouka

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
-Poison Release


Quote :
Style is a chakra form that allows for the creation and manipulation of many sorts of poisons. This is for two reasons. First of all, the clan members bodies have seemingly evolved to the state where the individual has a conscious role in the creation of specific antibodies within themselves. Antibodies that are aimed to attack other living human cells or even another very chakra becomes a new kind of poison generated consciously by the 'human' body. Secondly, with the clan's Hijutsu, they have taken the life giving properties of Yin chakra and reversed it, bastardizing it to crease a style in which the user can manipulate and create these toxins, and thus the birth of Poison Style. Within this realm there are two sorts of poisons that can be create: These are classified as Toxins and Viruses.

Toxins are like normal natural poisons, in which the users own body can produce and manipulate a powerful toxin that acts like a venom. The nature of the venom is manipulated to suit the style of the user, allowing them to administer their poisons with a variety of vectors and symptoms.

Viruses, on the other hand, are borne disease of chakra, in which one's own chakra attacks and deteriorates normal living chakra. This can disease the targets very chakra system should ones own chakra come in contact with the target. The chakra becomes like an infection, and spreads at the detriment of the host.

Thus, Toxins are 'natural or physical' while Viruses are 'chakra based'. Each has its own specific way of fighting the Poison. Toxins are treated with medicines and antidotes/antibodies, while Viruses must seemingly run their course through the targets chakra system. Both, however, can be treated with forms of Medical Ninjutsu especially well, as they are easily targeted and removed or countered.

Symptom Engineering: Those that can use Poison Style have the ability to augment a number of symptoms that take place as a result of their Venom or Virus. The Venoms work directly on the source to cause symptoms while Virus create the conditions within the targets body with chakra, almost in the same way a genjutsu can augment a targets senses. The more symptoms that a specific poison has higher the rank of the poison. There are 5 types of symptom affects

Physical Effect -- Affecting one's physical performance by weakening/deadening or numbing the muscles.

Sensual Affect -- Affecting one if not multiple senses performance by blocking/inhibiting synapses between the sensual organs and the brain.

Chakra Affect -- Affecting one's ability to use, control, or manipulate chakra due to stifling of tenketsu points, inability to merge physical and spiritual mediums, etc.,

Medical Affect -- Causing medical symptoms to cause havoc on the target, such as fatigue, thirst, hunger, fever, dizziness, body aches, headaches, etc., Including physical symptoms like sweating and rashes.

Abstract Affect -- Infects the targets body with no real notice or signs but allows for some supplementary effect ability such as tracking, sensing, chakra absorption, chakra letting, etc.,

Antibodies and Antidotes: The Clan control is so pinpoint that they can augment a poison at almost a moment notice. As such, they can create vaccines to their own, or other poisons with little more than a ninjutsu. There is no report of a poison being fatal to a member of the clan, though it has been observed that a clan members poisons work on another clan member. This is because the bodies natural defense mechanisms to invading microbes are incredibly powerful. After all, one's own body is always creating and managing lethal amounts of venoms, and must be able to cope with the very use of Poison Style. While it is possible to be susceptible to poisons, a Poison Style user, no matter what level, cannot be killed by a poison.

Vectors and Infection:

Poisons require a vector; meaning it has to have a way of getting from the source that creates it to the targeted population. Bellow is a primary list of potential vectors;

-Organic Vector: Transferred via another living thing
-Contact Vector: Transferred via physical contact or open wound
-Arial Vector: Transferred via the air from inhaling
-Ingestion Vector: Transfer by eating or drinking.

Poisons can thus be administered a variety of ways and can be produced in a variety of ways. For Venom's they can be secreted from the skin, produced from the lungs or mouth. They can take up the form of gasses, liquids, or even physical powders and laces. Virus are fabricated from chakra and thus transmitted by chakra to chakra contact. Both can be manipulated into or with ninjutsu directly via Poison Style techniques in order to exaggerate as well as make more efficient their effects.

Thus, certain conditions must be met in order for a poison to get to it's target, however once the target is successfully exposed, one can either manipulate the poison within the target to trigger a desired effect, or allow the poison to do its job as it was engineered to do.


Clan Special Characteristics:

Quote :

Name: Pandora No Hako
Rank: N/A
Requirements: Kirigaku Bloodline
Type: Chakra
Description: This is a passive in which the users body becomes a mechanism for creating poisons. These can be custom poisons the user has invented or any of the clan poisons listed bellow as in accordance to the limitations of poison use based on your character's rank. The poison is manufactured in the body as well as the antibodies necessary to create it's vaccine; filling the blood stream so that one can express it in many ways via independent ninjutsu. There is thus no cost to prepare the poison, the cost, however, is in the jutsu in which the poison is attempted to disease the target.
Open to the public: No

Name: Poison Tolerence
Rank: N/A
Requirements: Kirigaku Bloodline
Type: Chakra
Description: As harborers of poison within their bloodstream the Kirigaku Clan members have grown an immunity to poison style techniques, abilities, items, and elixers.
Open to the public: No
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Kirigaku Clan [Poison Release]
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