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Kessho Clan

Name: Kessho Clan
Founder: Guren Kessho
Location: Kazankagure (Due to the pressure of the volcanoes and the environment the Kessho Clan found their home here years ago)

The beginning: Long long ago the Kessho clan was born along with many other clans. The chakra they were blessed with granting them the power over the deepest parts of the earth. The first known member of the Kessho clan was a woman named, Guren. She was born with this element and showed a strong affinity to the crystals. More children would begin to pop up in her family and show this same affinity. After the family grew larger and Guren became the head of the family she would begin to search for a larger land for the family to live on.

Guren and the Kessho clan would find the land of volcanoes. Upon arriving in this land they would find themselves at the necks of the other inhabitants. The constant bickering and strife between the multiple families would cause conflict. After three years and the death of the leader of the Kessho clan, the families would put their differences aside. Guren had saved the families during the first eruption of the largest volcano on the island, alongside a few other members of the families. This would gain their trust and the village hidden in the volcano would begin to create itself.

Requirements: Ask to join

Current Members:
-Pink Demon: Hoseki Kessho

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Crystal Release

Description: Users of Crystal Release can convert any matter into a crystal, from physical material to moisture in the air, allowing them to turn anything into a weapon. This extends to other physical natures, rendering earth, water, and wood useless against it. When used on living creatures, targets can be crystallized down to the cellular level, imprisoning them so long as the crystals are in place and shattering them if the crystals are struck, killing them. Crystal Release users can also manipulate pre-existing crystals and crystalline structures.

Crystal Release cannot crystallize raw energy or chakra, as they have no physical mass to crystallize, allowing those with good chakra control or the lightning or fire natures to counter it. Crystal Release is also susceptible to a specific sound wave frequency: because crystal requires a very precise build-up of molecules, the proper sound waves can break down the build-up before the crystal can properly form; Rinji takes advantage of this weakness using his bats.

Jutsu: Will make separately

Clan Special Characteristics:
Name: Crystal Gems
Rank: A
Requirements: Be a Kessho Clan Member
Type: spiritual
Description: The Kessho Clan is versed in the Crystal arts. They can look at any crystal and tell what type of crystal it is from Garnets to rubies to sapphires. The user's of this clan can make any earth technique become a Crystal technique and gain 1 point in power to the jutsu. The earth becomes hard like crystals and can become any type of crystal the user pleases to use as long as it isn't diamond. (+1 power to Earth Techniques)
Open to the public: No

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Kessho Clan
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