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Junji Sueno

Junji Sueno

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Junji Sueno, Queen of Metal XqmiFps

Name: Junji Sueno
Nickname(s): Jun | Ji | Jiji | Junnie
Alias(es): Queen of Metal
Title: n/a

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Occupation: Genin Team Leader


Height: 115 lbs
Weight: 5'7"
Body Type: Thin but has a few curves on the hips
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color & Style: Black | Usually let down but can also be stylized in a ponytail.
Jewelry: She would sometimes wear rings and a long golden earring(?)
Markings: A large scar that runs down her back
Anything Else: s u i t s

Appearance: Junji is five foot seven inches tall and weighs about one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has long black hair that reaches to her waist, often let loose with bangs that sometimes cover her right eye. She also has two long strands of hair hanging in front of each shoulder. She has a light complexion with smooth skin free of markings with the exception of a large scar that runs down her back. She then possesses red eyes given to her at birth that are always filled with hatred and bloodthirst hidden within them. To some's surprise, Junji has two slightly sharp canines that are noticeable if observed keenly.

Junji's wardrobe is primarily made up of suits with the same hat worn with each shirt along with a red cape (sometimes black too) worn around her by the shoulders. She then wears black boots, usually ones up to the knee, but she also wears short ones and almost any of the variety as long as it's black.


Motto: "I hope your God will have mercy on you, because I sure as hell won't."

Personality: Junji comes off as extremely cold and insensitive. She's the no bullshit kind of girl that doesn't take being lied to in any kind too well. She rarely changes her facial expression beyond anything besides the lines of blank or grumpy. Junji gives away a strict vibe as if she allows nothing but work, work, and work. A lot would assume she likes to have a stick up her ass, call her names, but she takes it as a compliment. She prides herself in her teachings, hoping that someone dare try to question her methods of teaching. She only acts this way to strengthen her students and make sure they're prepared for the real world as they experience it. At least, it's apart of why she acts this way.

Her grim exterior also stretches out beyond her teachings, meaning she's just as strict outside of work as she is inside it. Junji's aggressive and blunt nature can make her out as a woman who has little to no regards for others, which is somewhat far from the actual truth. She expects people to carry out their own weight and only comes in if it's absolutely needed. She's all about pushing people to their limits as a way to help them grow as shinobi or just ordinary people. Still, she maintains a mature and relaxed demeanor despite her more sharp tongued and hostile nature.

There's also her endless need for bloodlust to fulfill her infinite sadism. Whether it's from a battle or any other activity, she enjoys inflicting pain. It's one of the few things that makes her smile. Junji holds a ton of secrets that contain her disturbing and messed up guilty pleasures and kinks that satisfies her need to inflict pain. She has no problem speaking out about them; she has no shame in what she likes

Asides from her aggressive and bold nature, she's a very calculative person. Junji likes to study her surroundings whether it's the environment itself or an actual person. She's all about learning about those around her that has piqued her interest or who she thinks they're worth studying. In a battle, however, she's quick on her feet and tries to read her enemy, expecting the unexpected and try to predict their moves.

Deep down from her cold demeanor is a very vulnerable and insecure girl who keeps her emotions to herself and herself only. She's extremely awkward when it comes to trying to comfort and show kindness, but it doesn't mean she isn't necessarily unable to show these emotions. Junji isn't really the best at nurturing, It would take a lot of trust to give from her to get to know who she really is. She usually deflects any questions or conversations that are in regards to her personal life and shakes it off with an angry glare, but in reality she just wants someone who she could trust with her life to talk to.

Without a doubt she has an infinite amount of love and support for her brothers. It's the only time where her love and affection is truly genuine. She's extremely overprotective and gives tough love, but she only does it for their safety. If anyone dares try to mess with or harm them, they'll face Junji's wrath.

Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Painting, Drinking, Smoking, Dancing


Name: Body Armor
Rank: C
Requirements: N/A
Type: Physical
Description: Those that wield the Kekkei Genkai, Metal Release, will have a higher durability than most shinobi. They can take on some punches and kicks without much to worry about the condition of their body. Users will have +10 Durability added.
Open to the public: Limited to Sueno clan members/those with Metal Release transplants.

Name: Improved Endurance
Rank: D
Type: Physical
Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15% which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] (Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)


Rank: Special Jounin
Elements: Steel (Primary), Fire (Secondary)
Specialty: Ninjutsu(Primary), Taijutsu (Secondary)
Clan: Sueno


Strength: 52
Speed: 52
Durability: 54 (Base) +15% from Improve Endurance = 62. 62 + 10 from Body Armor = 72
Chakra: 52


Village: Kazangakure no Sato

  • Sukejuro Sueno | Father | 54 | Unknown
  • Yui Sueno | Mother | 51 | Unknown


  • Kinji Sueno | Older Brother | 29 | Alive
  • Munoto Sueno | Older Brother | 27 | Alive

History: Junji originally hailed from a small village Suruchikagure that was invaded by her clan to force existing natives into their authority and take over their village. She was raised by two loving parents that were considered to be one of the top shinobi Suruchikagure ever had, Sukejuro and Yui Sueno. Sukejuro was the charismatic father who worked as one of the kage’s bodyguards and Yui was the nurturing mother who cares deeply for her people and village as one of the top head medics. The two have gone on various missions together where Sukejuro was the offensive and Yui was the support. With their chemistry flowing naturally when they’re together, they became a couple and both have decided to marry each other after a few years of being together. Thus came along two older sons and Junji.

The elder son that was born was Kinji, who was older by six years than Junji. He was known to be the serious one of the three children who would always focus on his work. He always meant business, but sometimes let himself loose whenever he feels too stressed out. The second son was Munoto, four years older than Junji who was considered to be the more playful and light hearted son. He wasn’t someone who liked to goof off all the time, but to him there was more to life than just living as a shinobi and confining to his duties. He was mostly the opposite of Kinji overall who wasn’t as strict or socially awkward. And then finally came along Junji, who was the young sister that would support both brothers until the end. Despite their differences from petty topics such as eating the last fruit, they had an unbreakable bond and have sworn to stay together until the end.

Although most likely Junji didn’t actually recognize it at such a young age alongside Munoto, Suruchikagure was a military state. It brainwashed their people into believing that It was a requirement that very single person within the village is a shinobi. If anyone tried to avoid such a task, they would be executed. This was so that if their village was under attack, then they would have an enormous army to take down the enemy. Their totalitarianism didn’t stop there, as they would brainwash their people as far as to say that they are the greatest village above all and are invincible, encouraging people to help break down other villages and convert them into the greatness of Suruchikagure.

All of that did make sense to the young Junji, but she refused to become a kunoichi. She would rather have lived a normal life as a mere civilian, but her parents had to force her even if it pained them to do so. They didn’t want their only daughter to become executed so young and innocent. It took some time to convince her to try and make her attend the academy, but it was just enough for her to persuade her to attend the academy at nine years old, while her two brothers, Munoto and Kinji, were both already Genin and Chuunin respectively.

It was natural for Junji and Munoto to believe that Suruchikagure was the greatest village of them all, but Kinji felt as if there was something wrong with what he thought it be propaganda. He began to question the teachings that the village offered. He wanted to know what the other villages were like, if Suruchikagure was really the greatest village of them all. Kinji began to express his opinions and criticism against the village’s teachings, but was unfortunately thrown into jail right after for “propaganda against the village” and “hate speech”. His parents would try to fight the system to get his son out of jail while Junji and Munoto would only comfort each other and hope Kinji doesn’t get executed. During that time, Junji and Munoto also began to question and criticize Suruchikagure’s teachings, except theirs weren’t in public for them to get reported.

Tamani and her brother Munoto were forced to keep their mouths shut about the system of how Suruchikagure ran as they’ve climbed through the ranks. The two children, and surprisingly on Tamani’s part, were prodigious young shinobi. The only thing that did keep Tamani back was to kill. In Suruchikagure, in order to graduate the academy and essentially go through every rank, they would have exams that function like a deathmatch among their own people. If you’ve killed the most. Seeing blood and dead bodies of her own people would make her nauseous and sick, regretting becoming a kunoichi. If she refused to do so, she would get mindless and crue; beatings from instructors until she forced herself to accept the task. It pained her to kill people that she knew, that she cared for, and that she loved. She had to learn how to suppress her emotions, harden her outer core and get rough in order to really survive in this village. She never approved of what she did, but she had to do it for survival.

A few short years have went by and Junji had become a Special Jounin at nineteen along with Munoto. She had done but train and kill nonstop if she wanted to stay alive and keep her family safe. It’s unfortunately what made her stronger, but also dead on the inside. Shortly after her promotion, a civil war broke out between the Sueno clan members and the natives of Suruchikagure, except the war was against the dictatorship of the kage and those that supported his cause. Dead bodies began to build up within the village, buildings, and historical statues were destroyed as Junji, Munoto, and her parents were involved to take down the kage.

During the war, prisoners have managed to break free from their cells from the opportunity of the war, including Kinji. Kinji was able to escape and reunite with his siblings, but there was no sight of their parents and the kage’s side was already winning. Those was opposed the kage’s rulings were forced into execution and the only way the three siblings would be able to evade their executions was to escape the village, an idea suggested by Junji. Munoto refused to leave his parents behind, but Kinji reminded him that the longer they stayed, the quicker they’ll meet their death.

After some time, they were able to escape to the borders and left their village, leaving everything including their parents, behind. The three siblings didn’t have a plan as to what to do or where to go. The only thing they could do was to hunt for food to survive while they tried to think of something. It took them just a few days out to another village, Kazankagure.

The guards that patrolled on boats took note of their arrival and immediately began questioning them with threats. The three siblings were able to explain their situation from the synopsis of their country to it being turned into a battlefield by its own people. The guards initially didn’t believe the three, but the siblings insisted that they were telling the truth. The process of getting themselves accepted into a village was complicated. They didn’t have any form of paperwork nor were their stories were believed. During that time, the three siblings had to sleep in the docked boats near the borders for a few days until they’ve been given the benefit of the doubt and were allowed into the village.

For years, the three have assimilated themselves into the Kazangakure culture. Munoto and Kinji both decided to leave the shinobi world and become civilians. Junji wanted to do the same, but she couldn’t. She regretted many things she did from killing her own people to other disgusting actions, but it was what made who she was today. She couldn’t turn that away, otherwise it would haunt her forever. It was better to live with it than to try and leave it, knowing it would always come back to her.

But she does have one wish whenever she feels as if she’s ready: to take down Suruchikagure’s corruptive kage and help restore back peace into her original home village.

RP Sample: Kazangakure was… an interesting village she and her brothers accidentally came across. Junji and her two older brothers had no idea where to go. The only thing that was on their minds was to just… run. Everyone she loved died by her hands and more of them were dying during the civil war in her old home, Suruchikagure. Part of her thought that it was all her fault. Was it really, though? In reality no, but it was what she thought. Deep in her head she was horrified. Witnessing the death of her own people, people that she CARED for, right in front of her eyes. In the end, she had to stay strong. She had to put up her mask of apathy if she wanted to survive. If she would have broken down… if she showed who she truly was… who knew what would’ve happened to her?

Junji looked up at the clear skies in the village while she hung around at the balcony of her home… part of it. She was in nothing but pink floral sandals and a long oversized shirt that reached to her knees. A cigarette was stuck in between her index and middle finger, a cloud of smoke puffed through her lips with a sigh afterwards. It was cold, yes, but it didn’t begin to snow until now. Smoking and drinking kept her calm, even if it may damage her lungs. It was how she would cope with what happened throughout her life in Suruchikagure. It wasn’t the healthiest, but it sure did help.

“Hey, sis!” A deep yet playful voice called to Junji.

Turning her around, she noticed a tall man with black hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, who wore a plain black t-shirt with a white sweater over it, and long pants with black shoes. Junji made a soft but tired smile at the man as she nudged her chin at him. “Hey, Munoto.” She murmured to her brother, her head turned back to the sky while she took another huff and puff from her cigarette.

Munoto pouted at his younger sister when she turned her attention back to the sky. He waltz next to Junji to her left side and placed his arms on the rails, leaning against it. “It’s becoming quite breezy outside, don’t you think? I mean, unless you want to freeze your body… I suggest you get your butt inside. Unless you want to preserve your body for the future, someone finds it hundreds of years later, and then defrost you so you can relieve the story of what it was like to live hundreds of years ago.” He joked, his elbow playfully nudging at Junji’s shoulder.

Junji, on the other hand, didn’t react like she usually would. It honestly wasn’t much different to how she would actually react; the only difference to how she’d regularly react would be just a small smile and a forced chuckle. Munoto was a clown and would always joke around to lighten up everyone’s mood, but ever since their experience from Suruchikagure would pop up in her head, she hasn’t felt herself genuinely laugh or smile for years. “...Nice one.” She mumbled with a sigh.

Munoto frowned at Junji as she showed no reaction to his joke. “H-Hey… are you still-”

“Upset over what happened? Furious at our previous kage from Suruchikagure at how he fucking brainwashed us? How he had no problem having us kill each other, let alone had no problem killing us HIMSELF? OUR PARENTS POSSIBLY DEAD?” Junji interrupted, her head turned to Munoto as her eyebrows lowered in anger. “I don’t fucking now, Munoto, YOU TELL ME if I’m still pissed off over what happened!” She yelled, her smokey breathing reaching into her older brother’s nose. He squinted in discomfort when the scent hit him, causing him to scrunch his nose. After she realized what she just did, she made another sigh and used her other hand to place it on her temples while she shook her head. “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to-”

Munoto placed a comforting hand onto Junji’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t sweat it. I… didn’t mean to ask that.” He said with a supportive but worried smile. “I know you’re still pissed from what happened… Kinji too no doubt as well as me… but I know for a fact you’ll be okay. WE’LL be okay.” He said with a nod. “Like I always say… if you need an ear to scream at, I’m your guy.” He added.

“...Thanks… But I don’t want to talk. At least not right now.” Junji said with her brows shaped in dejection, guilt overcoming her at how she yelled at Munoto.

“Heh, something you say every time.” Munoto pointed out, laughing. He pulled himself from the rails and gave Junji a gentle ruffle on the top of her hair. “But my original point still stands… don’t stay out too long. I don’t want you catching a cold.” He said before he went back inside.

Junji nodded as she looked back up at the sky once more. “Will do.”

Other Characters: N/A
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