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Takashi Uchiha Qu1FhY4

Name: Takashi Uchiha
Nickname(s): N/A
Alias(es): N/A
Title: N/A

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: N/A


Height: 130
Weight: 5'7
Body Type: Thin and Athletic(ish)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color & Style: Shoulder-length black hair, usually tied in behind.
Jewelry: N/A
Markings: N/A
Anything Else: N/A

On most days, Takashi is seen either wearing some kind of loose shirt of varying shades of mute colours, usually with some floral pattern, loose trousers that never go past his knees, and sandals, be it the hottest day or the coldest night; It's more or less the same outfit. Maybe it's because he is a red blooded male or that surging Katon chakra is boiling inside, it's anyone's guess.

When visiting relatives, as rare as it has become, engaging in anything that is remotely formal in nature or simply because his mother wills it; a dark blue haori and white hakama, the sigil of the Uchiha proudly shown on his back; made by his own mother's hands. Although these clothes make him feel like he is a samurai of the old, ready to strike down anyone who stands in his way in an honourable dual, he still prefers loose clothing, although he is growing more and more fond of it.

Takashi has quite a long mane of ebony hair; which he ties up for convenience and at the constant instance of his mother.  Yet, he is far from the most well-kept person, stained shirts and dishevelled hair a common sight on him, not a first that he sleeps in the clothes he goes out with and keeps on wearing them unless his Mother is there to keep him in line. With a slow but confident gait, cocksure demeanour and quiet honeyed voice, he gives off an aura of laid back trouble. [/color]


Motto: "I do not respect the one who has seen one pair of tits a hundred times but the one who has seen a hundred pairs once."

Personality: Akumi made sure that her son was raised with the idea that there is pride in his noble birth, following tradition that enables him to awaken such a strong tool, the Kekkei Genkai of the Sharingan, able to crush those who were foolish enough to challenge the might of Sukaigakure; yet she was also strict in insisting that first, he must train his body to utilize them fully, the part which doesn't really resonate well with Takeshi.

When it comes to training; although a hardworking fellow, Takeshi is rather lazy in affairs that do not involve naked women; needing quite a while before he is primed for work, a good mood, had a rather good view recently, slept well and ate well, before he can fully focus on his training; or his mother threatens to beat him within an inch of his life; a threat she is well capable of doing. With such a deterrent any failure can be overcome with harder and stricter training and so he is ready to go to extreme lengths to improve himself, after all, Sukaigakure has no use for weak shinobi. This, unfortunately, puts an even harder strain on his social life and even though he tries to at least make the acquaintance of other shinobi, the cards are not really in his favour.

Alas, there is one other little flaw that constantly aggravates his mother to no end and takes away a lot of time from his training. That is, his extremely keen interest in the opposite sex, especially when they are in the various stages of undress, although he considers them inferior (except for his mother), which unsurprisingly does not help him to be popular with his peers. If he is not training or sleeping, there is a good chance that Takeshi would be found in the area of the hot springs or up in some tree that would just happen to be located to bathing women.

Even though he tries to refrain from engaging in such underhanded activities regularly as it is the main reason that causes him to stray away from his training to “pursue his interests”, a fact which has delayed stunted his growth and his mother's wrath is boundless in that regard; Erotic magazines and adult novels only sate his flaw for so long before he has to resort back to the real thing after all.

It is worth noting that Takeshi has never been in a form of romantic relationship of any kind, mostly due to his fear of ending up under the boot of some woman and spending the rest of his life in misery wrapped around her finger, possibly because of his domineering mother.

Even though he tries hard to keep this perverse flaw in check, as soon as he sees a pair of breasts large enough, all these fears and restrains usually go out following the blood from his nose. This also serves as one of his greatest motivations, making him push himself to the limit just to get a peek.

He is not a very social person, mostly due to his outdated mindset and rather bizarre way that he carries himself, so he cherishes every moment he spends in the company of other people, especially other Uchiha and those of the opposite sex. He believes himself lucky to be an Uchiha, the tools to be stronger than many could be thanks to his dojutsu, and although he has the will to truly achieve his goals, He will have to put in hard work, sacrifice and persevere through the misgivings of life, something which he seems to still not understand fully yet and maybe, he never will.

Skills: Tree Climbing, Stealth
Hobbies: "Birdwatching", "Meditating" in the bathhouses, "Recreational" Reading.
Strengths: N/A


Rank: Acedemy Student (E-Rank)
Elements: Katon
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Clan: Uchiha
Special Type: N/A

Strength: 2
Speed: 3
Durability: 2
Chakra: 3


Village: Sukaigakure
Parents: Akumi Uchiha, Active Shinobi, 40, Alive.
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: N/A
Other Important People: Women, of any shape, kind or form.

History: A single child, Takashi was born to Akumi Uchiha and a father he never met. Born and raised in Sukaigakure, she was a proud Uchiha and a zealously devoted kunoichi with little interests apart from her work. The fact she had gotten pregnant in her thirties was as baffling as who might have been the father, and Akumi was always scarce on details when it came to Takashi’s father. It was scandalous, to say the least, but maybe because she was only a part of a minor branch of the Uchiha family or coupled with the fact that it was kept under wraps as much as possible, for some reason it was decided that  Takashi should live as a legitimate son. When he asked his mother about his father, she always hushed him with a strong rap of a fan on his knuckles and Takashi quickly learned not to ponder too much about his father; at least not when his mother was present.

Being an only child, his mother’s attention was always on him. Even in her absence, she made sure that Takashi always attended the Academy and pushed him to study and train hard, usually giving him a heavy hand herself personally, being a kunoichi herself. One may say that she didn’t succeed of that albeit it was simply her son's nature that caused her failure, not incompetence. Still, albeit a strict and rather harsh mother, there is some form of love in there. After all, this was the son she had and she surely won't be getting knocked up again.

No more a simple academy student; Takashi is determined to put his skills to good use for the village, as his Mother did; Although that is much easier said than done when all it takes is the sight of a girl to distract him from all his noble goals.

RP Sample:
Other Characters: N/A
How did you find us?: Through an Ad

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