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 Version 1 Cloak

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Version 1 Cloak CHDzEwl
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PostSubject: Version 1 Cloak   Version 1 Cloak Icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2019 10:39 am

Name: Version 1 Cloak
Rank: S
Resource Cost: Use is based off of User's Chakra and Bijuu's chakra
Duration: Uses 25 Chakra per post to maintain.
Range: 15 meters
Power: n/a
Speed: n/a
Unmastered: If this jutsu is active and the user has not unlocked mastery, the user will become extremely aggressive and animal like but still maintain the ability to think for itself, as it’s only using a small portion of the bijuus chakra, and by extension only exposed to a small portion of the bijuu’s influence. If the user has unlocked the mastered cloak, they are of course exempt from the aggressiveness. User gains 5% of the bijuu's stats in Speed, Strength, and Chakra.

The cloak forms 1 inch off the users skin surrounding them in an red bubbly cloak at a speed equal to current Chakra + Speed/ 2.

The user, if they have a tailed beast that has more than one tail, can gain the stat boost in increments. The user can only create up to the number of tails there beast has, IE eight tails can have eight, one tails can have one. In this state the tails can reach up to a ten meter range from the users body and move at the power and speed of the cloak, obviously if the cloak is forced into cooldown so are the tails.

Chakra: The users chakra is based on the bijuu and the user's mix. The bijuu will not restore the users chakra however! So if the Jinchuriki gains 10% of the bijuu's chakra it will mix with the total chakra stat the user has. Example: User Chakra: 20 (200 Chakra) Bijuu Chakra: 200 (2000 Chakra) would give the User 40 (400 Chakra).

Mastering the cloak will give the user 8% of the bijuu's Chakra, Speed and Strength (Excluding the One tail who gains 10% and the two tails who gains 12%) Other bijuu gain +2% per tail trained and mastered. (i.e. three tail cloak of the five tail bijuu gains 12% and five gains 16%) (Check out the Bijuu's stats to see boost)
Requirements: Be a Jinchuriki


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Version 1 Cloak
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