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 Lightning Manipulation

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PostSubject: Lightning Manipulation   Lightning Manipulation Icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2019 10:51 pm

Name: The Beast of Lightning
Rank: B - S
Requirements: Jinchuriki of Two tails/ Mastery of first tail.
Type: Physical
Description: Being the jinchuriki of the two tailed Bird grants the user the power of lightning and thunder. although to gain the powers of lightning the user must first begin to gain the trust of the bijuu. After which they gain the power to freely produce lightning from their body. The use of the lightning is minimum and must be trained to its full potential. The lightning has a base of 5/10/15 meters from the users body and its power is the users chakra/(6/4/2) i.e. 200 chakra gives a B rank user 33 in power. This power uses 25%/50%/75% of the bijuu's chakra and 75%/50%/25% of the users chakra.


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Lightning Manipulation
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