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PostSubject: Monogatari   Monogatari Icon_minitimeThu Jun 06, 2019 12:40 pm


Name: Monogatari
Founder: Unknown
Location: Scattered



Special Info: Monogatari Clan members are able to perceive an energy different to chakra known as “Story”, the manifestation of events and tales told through the passage of everyday life. While there is no way to tell a Monogatari apart from a normal person, some will choose to take on exuberant appearances to generate ‘Story’ of their own. There is no formal hierarchy within the Monogatari, junior clansmen will look up to senior “Authors” with adoration and respect, often apprenticing under one before going on their own to practice their craft..

Requirements: Clan members are made from birth, although honorary status is given to those who marry into the family. Fuinjutsu is required to be taken on all Monogatari members.

While this clan is open to the public, please PM me before creating a character within this group. I’d love to see what ideas you have!

Current Members: N/A

The Storied Soul:
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Fuinjutsu, Supplementary
Rank: E - S
Description: The clan member is able to perceive the energy of a ‘story’ within the air. A lost cat might be draped with the tale of how it ran from an abusive owner, or a forgotten doll would tell the bittersweet tale of the time with its owner before abandonment. Even people, places, and fictional tales have stories clinging to them, their everyday events being a tangible energy that floats through the air, invisible to most people.

Utilizing the energy that is born through this method, those in the Monogatari clan are able to bind ‘stories’ to objects, turning them into powerful objects and artifacts for use.

These Artifacts, Once made, become one of a kind Artifacts. Being strong on their own, releasing the stored energy within causes it to become a story brought to life. The fabled sword becomes a weapon to protect others, the charm from a grandparent becomes a ward against evil. The usage of an Artifact is understood within the clan to not be done lightly, and those who recklessly misuse them will be cast from the fold.


Clan Special Characteristics: World of Stories

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