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 Inferno Release

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PostSubject: Inferno Release   Inferno Release Icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2019 7:03 pm

• name ;; Inferno Release
• elements required ;; Fire
• how is it made ;; It is a level of Fire heated to the point of which "Hell" is said to feel like. Created from Heat sources throughout the world. Main Heat source being the One Tailed Beast.
• what can it do ;; The Flames of Inferno Rebirth are capable of making worlds of Fire, as well as burning its opponent to a crisp with a variety of Movesets.
• strengths ;; Water, Unlike normal Fire it can not be put out through normal means of Water due to its extremely High Temperatures. (Adds 1 point in power versus Water and Fire)
• weakness ;; Earth Is one of many ways to put out these blazing Fires. (Loses 1 point in power versus Earth)
• other requirements ;; One Tailed Beast Jinchuriki.
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Inferno Release
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