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Crisis: Jobs

In the Ninja world of the Land of Nike there are more than one way to get ryo. The first is to put your Ninja skills to the test and go on many missions from escorts to spying, and the other are Jobs. Some jobs are like teaching children and others are making weapons or opening shops.

There are different Jobs that will provide different amounts of Ryo to the person with the job. But this does not Stop a ninja from going on Mission and such. These jobs can be done in different topics or while away from the Village by NPC, mostly for people with shops and such.

Jobs of Crisis:

One of the Most known Jobs of the Ninja world are Kages. Each Kage is known to be a Strong Ninja and have smarts with them. Village Elders or Mods are the only ones allowed to grant someone the Kage spots.

Amount Paid: 3,000 Ryo a Week.

Academy Teachers:
These special ninja are chosen by the Kage of the Village or the Mods, They are picked from any ninja that has reached Chuunin or up and placed into the academy to teach the new generation.

Amount Paid: 200 a week, 1,000 Every PC topic with Academy students.

These a Ninja who have studied the art of Making and crafting blades and such. They are a special case and need to have An SC before being able to make these items and items for different people. They can make Kunai and such out of different material as long as The person who bought it bring the Material to the BlackSmith or if the BlackSmith already has the Material.

Amount Paid: They make their amount.

Chuunin and Jounin Exam Advisors:
These people watch over the ninja of the Exams and keep track of cheating and other things during the Exams. They are usually only used once and paid then.

Amount Paid: 1,500 Ryo a Topic.

Shopkeepers are people who create a product and sell them in their shop. They are not allowed to sell the product until they have given their village 1,000 Ryo to start their business in which they will be given X amount of Items to start with in their shop and sell from their.

Amount Paid: Figured out through How much items cost, How much you sell and how much you need to get more to sell.
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Crisis: Jobs
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