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The Great Taoreta

The Taoreta Cool-s12

"We Know only one, as the dark drags us to hell, and that is him, the god of hell"

Location: They are settled in the Village hidden in the dark, deep down in the village's heart. As well as two, unknown, bases around the ninja world. One being the old Akatsuki base inhabited by a few group members.

Purpose: The Taoreta formed for the purpose of bringing down the villages and country systems, destroying their reign of the kage and their petty underlings. The groups search for KKG dna and any other form of power they can find helps fund the fight against the villages. 

The Taoreta were brought together in the year MXXI in the village hidden in the dark by a man who had little to no ties to any village. It had almost been like he dropped from the sky and became a man known to everyone. The unknown Ninja took into his arms the low ranking missing ninja and trained them up himself. Once each of them reached the ranks that could cause damage to the world he taught them all his ways. They call this man... the Father. Though he raised each of them up like a child he released them all into the world like a father. Each coming back to him and creating the group. The Father is not known as the leader but is the founder. His power is beyond that of his "children".

April 10th 1121: Ten days before the reappearance of the Gedo Mazou, which signified the rebirth of the rinnegan into the new age of ninja, The Ninja known as Taoreta took refuge in one of the old caves that sealed away the bijuu in the land.

April 20th 1121 - : The Rinnegan came to life in a young child causing the cave to shake and summon the Gedo Mazou. The Taoreta took witness to this summon and the way it tore through the ground and took its place. 

Current Members of the Group:
Leader - Closed

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The Taoreta
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