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• Name:  Kozai Nishimiya
• Nickname / Alias: -
• Title: -
• Age: 14
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

Kozai Nishimiya APRJNkR

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• Height: 5'1”
• Weight: 90 lbs
• Body type: Effeminate
• Eye colour: Green
• Hair colour & style:Gold, long
• General Appearance:
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• Markings: None

Kozai Nishimiya 8Dm3aDD
• Persona: Contary to what someone might draw from his appearance, Kozai isn’t really a timid child. Sure, he has his various insecurities like everyone else, but he doesn’t like to back down from challenges. He has an optimistic outlook on life and most of its events, even during what may seem like the worst possible outcomes… usually. Kozai’s optimism comes from a rather unpleasant tendency to resort to an unconscious denial or unintentional refusal to consider bad outcomes with a high probability. For example, he might look favorably on running across a street with the light having just turned yellow, because he doesn’t consider the very likely chance of being hit by a car to be likely at all. However, when forcibly faced with reality, he becomes depressed and docile, readily willing to hand control of a situation to someone else.
In short, Kozai is like the seed that fell on the rocks. Quick to spring up, but shrinks back when confronted with a serious challenge. This tendency is something even he isn’t particularly aware of, yet, since he hasn’t faced many serious adversity in his life yet, for the most part. When driven into a corner and not being influence by anyone else, he tends to just try and hunker down and outlast whatever misfortunate has come his way. Indeed, he’s enthusiastic, but it doesn’t account for much when the enemy is playing for keeps.
• Motto: “There’s always hope, no matter how bad things get.”

• Likes:Sunny weather/Vanilla ice cream/Outdoor sports/Peaceful solutions to difficult problems/orchids

• Dislikes: Bullies/hail/chocolate ice cream/falsity/his father

Kozai Nishimiya Oj3QcJ4

Kozai Nishimiya IWaryzM
• Special Characteristics:

Name: Basic Jyuken
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Requirements: N/A
Description: Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore 10% of target's Endurance stat.

• Rank: [no need to explain, Everyone starts at Genin level.]

• Clan: [url=Hyuuga][/url]
• Bijuu: yes, Pride

Genin Level/ Level 1: 14 Stats points to distribute
• Strength: 2
• Speed: 4
• Edurance: 3
• Chakra: 5

Kozai Nishimiya D6M18Ib

Kozai Nishimiya I8xsqE8

• Village: Joki
• Parents: Sogita Nishimiya, Yuuna Nishimiya
• Siblings: [same as above]Anri Nishimiya (older sister)
• Mentor & Idols: [same as above]-
• History: Kozai was born into a particularly odd main branch family of the clan, in that it’s been somewhat of a splinter group for years. The bloodline has been achieved by so few that most of his family throughout the past four or five generations have forgotten about it entirely. As inconvenient as it might seem, a main branch family being liberated from the duties of the main branch could be seen as a great boon. To Kozai, however, this ended up not being the case. The particular generation of the family that was comprised of his parents was the product of relentless inbreeding, resulting in a sick man (both physically and especially mentally). In a way, this affected Kozai, too. Though his mind was still sharp as a normal boy’s should be, his body grew and developed poorly.

This meant a delayed introduction into the ninja academy, a prospect that at the tender age of 3, he didn’t quite understand. At any rate, the clan decided to see if stress on his body could reawaken the genes that definitely existed in a pure form in his body (deadpool-style), as a desperate test to increase the useable number of byakugan within the clan members. To this effect, they sealed one of the great bijuu into the young child, burdening him with an internal personality that was somewhat difficult for someone like him to overcome. At first, he took it as a sign that he’d been chosen for some destiny, but he grew to realize that a beast with this much power was impossible for a weakling like him to overcome, and he grew despondent.

Due to his weak body, the clan didn’t even bother to train him in the art of the gentle fist, so he had to start figuring things out for himself when he began his studies in the academy. He had some small talent for chakra, but it was still hard for someone who found it hard to make connections. He tried his very best to get along with people, and sometimes succeeded, but when he fell out of sorts with someone, it always hit him hard.  

• Roleplay Sample: -

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