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 Continual Promotional Event

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PostSubject: Continual Promotional Event   Continual Promotional Event Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2019 9:02 am

Welcome Ladies and Gents to Shinobi Crisis!

I am the Character Chouki tho most of you would know me as Stein or Kikato. I am here today to tell you of a wonderous event that will be going on, for the continual and forseeable future till such a time we deem we are active enough and no longer require YOUR Help to get the word out about us.

This is the Promotional Event, It will be held in two separate steps.

Step One. Create Your own Advertisement, Best Advertisment gets to become the site Advertisment and you get a Nice prize of 500 Exp.

Step Two. ADVERTISE. You don't have to use the winning Advertisement but You each will use a separate Code word (Releated to Naruto Series) in your Advertisments. Each Link you share of you advertising the site will get you 50 Exp.
There are some rules, No Double(Triple ect) Posting to a site and trying to claim multiple times. And Post only to Truly Active Sites, These sites will be Examined and Monitored for Activity.

And If someone uses your Code word when they join, you both will get a bonus 100 Exp. (They Must remain active for at least a month, with a character. They will get their Bonus at Creation, you get yours at the end of that month)

But what if a friend of mine joins and isnt just some stranger coming in from another Site off my Advertisment?
Glad you asked, we will be giving you and your friend a Bonus 10% Exp boost, but only when you are Rping together, so that means that Solo Mission you knocked out, you only get its exp. Bring a Friend along? then that 1000 Exp nets you another 100! Great way to get starts and help Power level that newbie friend you brought along! Remember that all requirements of the Missions must be met, and that you are limited to the missions that the lower level is allowed to preform with you tagging along.

Have a Great Advertisment War!

PS the ones with the most Advertisments posted, the most Refferals, and the most Brought in via advertisment, Could get Bonus Exp.
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Continual Promotional Event
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