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Guard Duty [C-rank Mission]

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Post by Zap Fosho on Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:18 pm

Karite sighed as she walked to the gates. She closed her cloak and made sure her hood was up. She looked around to the shinobi that were glaring her down. They were scared of her, but they knew better than to confront or go after her to try to put her down. She glared through the darkness at them, knowing that her goddess would want her to smite them if they ever tried to go against her or the balance. She had just about reached the gates when she reached a genin team that was about to go on their mission. She sighed and kept walking, hitting the gates shortly after. She briefly spoke with the jounin on guard about the assignment. He explained to her the necessities of the position and what he needed her to do. She was going to check those going in and out, while he would handle the more serious issues. She nodded and walked over to the genin team that was now approaching the gate. She spoke with the jounin leader for a little bit. The jounin leader explained that it was going to be a quick mission helping out with some farm work. She nodded and allowed them to pass. It seemed like the genin team was going on one of their first missions. She walked away from them as they began to walk off to their mission. She yawned under her hood as she tried to keep herself awake. The boredom of the position creeping in. She finally noticed a suspicious person trying to enter. Well the person looked more suspicious then her. She approached the individual and began to question them. The suspicious person made sure to keep the hood up and their face hidden. Karite found this extremely suspicious and signaled to the jounin before the suspicious person could notice. The jounin guard quickly appeared on the other side of the suspicious person. Karite slowly got herself ready for a fight. She made sure her right hand was ready to absorb any jutsu. The suspicious person, noticing that they were surrounded and outgunned, dropped a smoke bomb to their feet. The suspicious person took off away from the village. The jounin took after the suspicious person as Karite ran back to warn the others. She sent a signal to the ANBU watching her, that resulted in him radioing back up and chasing after the individual. She went back to her post of interrogating people.

Guard Duty [C-rank Mission] ZGgTnqa

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Post by Momoko on Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:10 pm

Fear, Momoko could smell it. the sweet intoxicating aroma that spread like wildfire among humans. She girl curled her lip in slow disgust, but quickly replaced it with a smile. Sure humans could be disgusting and weak, but they also made for great entertainment. A prime example was the girl before her, who undoubtedly attracted the scorn of those nearby as she walked. Even before Momo knew who the girl was, she knew that this was supposed to be her partner for this mission. Intrigued, but also scorned by the humans, Momoko decided to wait the meeting out a bit to see what kind of person this person truly was. The person in question, was Karite of course: though, Momoko knew not yet her name, nor her clan.

Momoko replaced her entertained smile with a happy carefree smile and attitude and approached the Jounin after Karite and got her own instructions. She was to perform the same duties as the other girl, but Momoko would hang back somewhat- to watch both Karite and those who wished entry. She may have a great dislike for humans in a sense, but this village belonged to her tribe. This was her territory and as beast princess, she could not and would not allow others to defile her home. When the who deal with the shady man went down, Momo kept her position and made sure no one else tried to enter illegally during the commotion. Shortly, Karite would return. I hope one of the Kijin catch his scent." she said offhandedly, trying to catch Karite's attention. Her single long horn protruding from her forehead surely drawing the girl's eyes. A clear sign that Momoko was of the Kijin clan, one of the most hated and feared clans for their inhuman cruelty and strength. To most villagers, they were just beasts. Rabid watchdogs with little to no moral standing.

Whether this Karite chose to respond to Momoko or not, it didn't matter. Maybe she would be too busy with the mission to care about casual talk with someone else. Or maybe she would just ignore Momoko altogether. She certainly had the vibe of someone who was used to being alone. Momoko could understand it, scorned and feared by the villagers- yet also disliked by her own tribe of beasts, Momoko could pick up on subtle things like that easily. Regardless, if Karite hadn't responded to her, Momoko would go about the mission of making sure people entered correctly and no one snuck into the village. Even if they did sneak into the village, she would catch their scent and go hunt them down herself once the opportunity presented itself.

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