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Demonstration[C Mission] Empty Demonstration[C Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:44 pm

Name: Demonstration
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: Nothing makes regular villagers feel more secure than knowing that the shinobi guarding them are skilled and powerful fighters. In order to raise village moral and increase their confidence in their ninja guardians, your Kage has tasked you with giving a demonstration of your skills to the villagers gathered near the marketplace. Several practice dummies have been set up in the area, you are to obliterate them, how is up to you, there are four dummies in total, and each one should be destroyed in a different way.
Redoable?: Yes

A public display or power? A rudimentary patrol of the village should do to make people feel safe, but someone higher up decided the best way to make citizens feel safe was to see just how powerful their shinobi were. Personally, Shikamao disliked the idea. If there were a spy in the village, they could easily document our identities, skills and weaknesses... but whatever. If this is what our age wants, Ill use things expected of my clan. she told herself, trying to make herself feel better after having been told that she would have to show her skills to the general public. She was concerned about more than spies, though... candidates for the Chuunin exam too! Luckily Shikamao wasn't only to be the only shinobi demonstrating her skills, she was just chosen as the genin representative. There were the higher ranked shinobi as well. She was a genin, so her demonstration would come first. In a sense, that was to her avantage. As a genin and being first, the others would quickly forget about her as the more renowned and flashy ranks and jutsu came out.

There were four targets, so Shikamao planned to take them out systematically but efficiently. She stood in front of the four target dummies and performed the Rat handseal. The shadow at her feet contorted and then spread from her feet outwards to race towards all four targets. Once her shadow made contact with the dummies, they were immobilized(not that they already weren't immobile). Two handseals later(Dragon and Tiger), the shadow at the dummy's feet reached up, snaking around the wooden body in the form of a shadow hand and grasped the dummy by the neck and squeezed until the head of the dummy snapped of.

Second, Shikamao performed two more handseals(Bird and Boar), the shadows at the feet of the second dummy expanded upwards and formed into many shadow tendrils which wrapped around the second dummy and extended outward further to stab through the third dummy beside the second. The shadow tendrils squeezed tightly until the wooden dummy burst into pieces from the crushing pressure.

lastly was the fourth dummy whom was completely "immobile" while his three buddies were eviscerated. the crowd watching and clapping expected Shikamao to perform more handseals, but she didn't. She reached for her sword and then dashed at half her maximum speed(50): much too fast for the untrained eye, she slashed several times and then stepped passed the dummy. To the untrained eye, it was as if she had vanished and then reappeared behind the dummy. Slowly, several chunks of the dummy began to fall off until the dummy fell apart in several pieces. She sheathed her sword and bowed. Next it was someone else' turn to entertain the citizens.
Shadow Imitation Technique
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