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A Dumb Thief[C Mission] Empty A Dumb Thief[C Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:24 pm

Name: A Dumb Thief
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: A group of merchants in the village have been getting robbed each and every night, they pooled their remaining funds to hire you in order to guard both them and their goods. Somewhere in the large crowd around you is a thief, and he is quite angry that the merchants have hired you to guard them and their goods, but rather than doing the smart thing and choosing a new mark he chose to try and rob them once more.
Redoable?: Yes

There was an old saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." It was a very fitting phrase for this situation. Apparently a thief had frequented several merchants several nights in a row and robbed them. What a pain... Shikamao thought to herself as she imagined how the last few nights had gone. She stood next to one of the merchants and was talking to them, frequently scanning the surroundings, on guard in case the thief was still around. "So you are telling me that even though you guys got robbed not once or twice, but several times by the same bandit on the same path... and only just now you want to use the village's protection?" she asked incredulously. Sure it was a little rude, but the merchants were now painfully aware just how foolish they had been. Even more so the bandit who had been quite successful: crime never paid, because this thief was too prone to repeat his antics. Predictable. Which for Shikamao, meant that the thief was likely already close by and planning another ambush or something. The key factor in this mission was not the merchants, but HER. She was the pivotal point for the mission. She was the only thing preventing the thief from striking and the merchants from losing the last of their possessions to sell.

Great.. No pressure, right?  she thought to herself, half sarcastically, half nervous. this was her first mission with the possibility of real combat. Normally she was in charge of how combat took place: whether fighting drunks or stopping others from fighting in public areas. This time, she was the one who had to somewhat wait for her opponent before she could strike. The reason for that was simple. She didn't know who the thief was or where he was. That was one way to look at it at least... The other side was that since she was the key point in this mission: it meant that she controlled the flow! With a new perspective, Shikamao looked around at the merchants. She knew which ones were the ones who had hired her. There were a few other faces she didn't recognize, likely travelers or colleagues. That meant the thief was closer than she anticipated. Which meant that there was only a limited amount of options to draw the thief out in the open. Without an explanation, Shikamao waved to the nearest merchant. "I'll be back. I have to go to the lady's room." she would say as she walked off, much to the gathered merhcants' dismay.

It was the middle of the day and business was busy. A perfect opportunity for a petty amateur thief to strike. He was already not so smart to attempt to strike more than once. In case he was watching, she would open the door to the lady's room and walk inside. Once the door shut, she performed the heandseals for the transformation technique and transformed into a little girl. Not two seconds had passed since the door shut and she stepped out as a little blonde haired girl wearing a pink dress. She walked off tot he side and pretended to stand next to another family, while watching out of the side of her eyes until she saw someone moving suspiciously. A middle aged man wearing ragged clothes and looking around nervously as he closed in the the merchants' booths from the blind side. The bad part was that even though Shikamao knew it was the thief, she couldn't act until he had done something illegal. So in anticipation of the crime, she disappeared around a person walking passed and then dashed at her full speed behind the thief just as he began to pull out a knife and reach towards the first merchant. Shikamao performed the Ram handseal and then motioned with her right hand to slam into her knee. Suddenly the thief's movements stopped and his right hand slammed the blade of his knife down into his own leg. He let out a scream of pain and terror, unsure of what had just happened. "There's a saying. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." She said, verbalizing the phrase she had been thinking of earlier- subtly letting the thief know that he overplayed his hand one too many times and now he was finished. "Come quietly with me or my sword goes through your other leg."

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