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Your Village Needs YOU!!![C Mission]


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Your Village Needs YOU!!![C Mission] Empty Your Village Needs YOU!!![C Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:56 pm

Name: Your Village Needs YOU!!!
Rank: C-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 1,500 Ryo
Description: The villagers have gathered near the great theater and are expecting a great show.  The Kage wants you to stand before the crowd and demonstrate your skills for oration.  You are to give the crowd a fine story regarding the glory of your village, and list off a few past events from the brief histories of the villages, from your own history, or make up and embellish past events to work the crowd into a fury of patriotic zeal.
Redoable?: Yes

Giving a speech was such a pain... and it hardly seemed worth a C Rank mission, yet Shikamao couldn't deny the difficulty during anticipation. The kage of Sukaigakure wanted Shikamao to give an oral presentation of some kind to a gathering of people. No doubt, the Kage was mixed into the crowd somewhere. She was a smart girl and she understood that this mission wasn't as simple as it seemed. She was being tested on her ability to speak publically and convey a long message. As a shinobi, it was one of her responsibilities to not be too nervous in front of large crowds and be able to give information in a calm and collected manner. With that part of the mission understood, Shikamao calmed down considerably and thought best on what she could convey to the crowd that would pass as legitimate for this mission. "Ideally, I would like to convey a message unfamiliar with the villagers. Something that they couldn't nitpick too much or have mixed feelings about whether it was true or not." She could think of a story or find a story somewhere, but she also wanted to seek the pride of the villagers and incite a positive response from the crowd. The best way to do that was to take something that the villagers could relate to.

Well, there wasn't much time. She didn't prefer to do things this way, but she would have to think of something spontaneous. She hadn't been given much notification after all: likely, a plot of the Kage to test her under time constraints and pressure. 

It took a few minutes for the crowd to gather. It seemed that there was actually an event going on today, as there were other speakers lined up as well. Fortunately for Shikamao, she wasn't to be the first speaker.. No, she was the third or fourth. By the time it was her turn, she had decided on something to convey to the villagers. She took the stage and cleared her throat while taking a moment of silence for the crowd to fully quiet themselves and then give her their undivided attention. Then she began to speak. "Some of you may be too young to remember or even know about this event, although its historical aftereffects still are present today. Sixteen years ago, our village invoked the wrath of a mighty creature. What we call a bijuu, or more commonly, a demon." Her opening statement caught everyone's attention. Already there was a murmur in the crowd. There was always mixed feelings about this part of the village's history. Many talented and loved shinobi had died while fighting the demon titled Gluttony. "We lost many great shinobi, loved ones. But we beat the demon! We captured it and used its power for ourselves." she clenched a fist and pumped it in the air, which incited a loud round of applause and roars. If there was one thing that everyone agreed on, it was that the village as a whole, had defeated the demon and used its power to promote the village. "I was born on that day. A day of great victory and that demon was placed inside me. We use this demon to ward off attacks from other villagers. So though it caused us grief, because of those brave sacrifices, we live in a time of peace." She gave a bow to the crowd, leaving them to think about the history and how it affected their current lives. From destruction, came creation.

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