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Teach a Class[C Mission] Empty Teach a Class[C Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:22 pm

Name: Teach a Class
Rank: C-Rank
Location: Village Ninja Academy
Requirements: Chuunin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 1000 Ryo
Description: It is up to the villages Chunin or higher ranked shinobi to teach the next generation of Ninja.  Go to the Shinobi Academy in your village and teach the young students there a jutsu, but it must be E-Rank.
Redoable?: Yes

(You can do this mission with PC academy students if you wish)

While Shikamao wasn't technically a Chuunin yet, she was allowed to teach a class. The reason for this was because although she was eligible for a promotion, she had yet to accept it because she wanted to represent Sukaigakure during the next chuunin exam. Truth be told, her skill as a shinobi was above average for a Chuunin. Village rank was supposed to represent responsibility in the village, but far too often... people took rank as "I'm better than you." or "I'm stronger than you." Shikamao hated that. Power and responsibility went hand in hand, but not together so to speak. She wanted to instill the proper notion into the next generation of shinobi.. Likely one of the few reasons she chose to accept this C rank mission. While not technically a difficult mission, the significance of it was to inspire the younger generation to show them that there was still many unforeseen events and chances for growth beyond the shinobi academy. if they could do well, they would be promoted as genin and be given opportunities to learn many cool jutsu.

At least those were the usual outlook for children during this age group. For Shikamao, it had been slightly different. As a child, and even now.. She struggled to maintain proper chakra reserves. This had greatly affected her growth during the shinobi academy. She had to work extremely hard just to keep up with the other students. Likely one of the few times in her life when she had put in honest hard work with few complaints. Part of that had been because she had very good teachers which helped her and encouraged her to keep trying.

She stood in the front door of the shinobi academy and waited for one of the teachers to arrive. Her mission today was to teach the academy students one of the basic academy techniques. That seemed rather mild but she had been warned to not do anything extra. The students needed to focus on the fundamentals before trying anything else. After a few minutes of waiting, a familiar face appeared down the hallway and walked towards her. He was an elderly man and didn't seem to recognize her. To be fair, the shinobi academy went through a lot of students an teaching all of them properly took a lot of time and dedication. Shikamao didn't seem to be bothered that he didn't remember that she was one of his students. "You must be the shinobi who will teach my students one of the basic techniques today. I assume you understand why we are only showing them the basics?" he asked in slight concern, making sure that she knew and would't try to enchant the children with a flashy technique. She nodded and together, they walked towards the room where Shikamao had once been an academy student. For the rest of the day, she would spend the time teaching the students the transformation technique. Despite the work, she wasn't too bothered because she was enjoying it.

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