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Fight! Fight! Fight![C Mission] Empty Fight! Fight! Fight![C Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:08 pm

Name: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Rank: C-Rank
Location: Public Area
Requirements: Genin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 500 Ryo
Description: You are in a public place such as a store or a bar and a fight breaks out between two civilians.  You must break the fight up.  The person in charge of the place you are in will award you Ryo.
Redoable?: Yes

Shikamao was on a day off and was currently at a store, trying to find a good snack. She was famished after having shirked her chores all day and thinking of ways to avoid extra work. It was more work than what it sounded like. Someone may just see her as lazy, but truthfully, she was constantly thinking, planning and moving herself in anticipation to avoid work. Yet today, it seemed that work would be inevitable. She was currently in the back of the store, a local food mart that she frequented often when she got hungry. She was holding a small bag of chips, which was hardly appealing to her appetite. Just as she thought to put them back on the shelf and look for a bigger snack, she heard the start of a commotion near the front of the store. Some scuffled movements and then the store owners voice. "Gentlemen please! If you have a dispute, please take it outside before you damage my merchandise!" said the store owner, which Shikamao recognized by his voice. She sighed to herself in exasperation and placed the bag of chips back on the shelf and began to swiftly walk towards the front of the store.

That was when she heard something crash and some glass break. She rolled her eyes in increased frustration and brought both of her hands up to her chest and performed the Rat handseal just as she walked around the corner to find two men tossing each other around the front of the store in front of the doors. "Perfect." was all she said as her shadow raced from her feet across the floor and connected to the two combative men. Whether she had said "perfect" in sarcasm or convenience, was lost to both the store owner and the aggressive men as their movements from. Three sets of eyes turned to her as she held her handseal and stared at the two men with rather serious expressions. Releasing her handseal, she brought both of her hands into the air in the form of a fist and swung both of her arms inward, crossing her arms. The two men caught by her shadow, were forced to mimic her movements. Forced to copy her, their arms were brought into the air and in their close proximity, punched each other across the face with full force. "If you two are done. Pay the store owner for the damages before I make you castrate yourselves." she said and motioned at her hip with her eyes at the sword on her hip. The two men spat out blood and likely a tooth as they grumbled and agreed. She released her shadows and rested a hand on the hilt of her sword as she watched them to make sure they paid for the damages.

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