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A Dumber Thief (C-Rank Mission)

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A Dumber Thief (C-Rank Mission) ZGgTnqa

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A Dumber Thief (C-Rank Mission) Empty A Dumber Thief (C-Rank Mission)

Post by Zap Fosho on Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:06 pm

Karite stood inside one of the stores she was told to protect. She was dressed in her normal shinobi gear with her cloak up and the hood up as well. She was standing in the store to prevent it from being robbed again. As she approached the front of the store, she noticed a man dressed in normal gear begin walking towards the counter. She prepped for the worst as he reached inside his pocket. He pulled out a receipt and a small product. She breathed a quick sigh of relief as she lowered her guard. He stood talking to the cashier as she noticed a young man attempt to enter the store. He was looking back and forth quickly as his eyes locked with her. ”Oh Goddess, it is him again..” She prepared herself as he began making hand signs. She quickly formed her hands into the following hand seals: Rat, Hare, Bird. She then lifted her hand up to face him as he made the hand signs. ”Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” She quickly formed her hands into the following hand seals: Rat, Hare, Bird. ”Dark Release: Inhaling Maw!” She saw the fireball emerge as the store owner ducked behind the counter. She smirked as the fireball began absorbing itself into her hand. ”You can either give yourself up or I can throw this at you with even more force. It is your choice.” He immediately threw his hands up and gave up. ”That’s a good decision.” She sighed as she looked over to where the ANBU following her was. She knew where they were at all times due to the constant attention. She nodded as he made his way to the store. She walked over to criminal and explained the situation to him. ”I don’t want to see you back here again. If I see you, I will not hesitate to kill you.” The ANBU walked into the store and looked over the situation. She walked over to him and explained the entire situation to the ANBU. As the ANBU nodded, he called in others to take the thief out of the store and to the prison. The other ANBU arrived and captured the man, while the original ANBU went back to his original position. She moved over to the counter and looked for the owner. She explained the situation to the owner and continued on her patrol.

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