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 Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha)

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PostSubject: Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha)   Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2019 6:10 pm

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) 97bfb70d0a2526d2ba43fb1d404408f4

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) 1L3uLLv
• Name:  Chouki Akamichi (Uchiha)
• Nickname / Alias: The Heir
• Title: Chouki "The Trap" Akamichi
• Age: Sixteen
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Asexual

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) APRJNkR

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) 9sqtiQu
• Height: Five feet five Inches
• Weight: 125 lbs (Apperance wise, 250 lbs Actually before Akimichi Clan SPecial usage)
• Body type: So Chouki's Build seems rather athletic only due to the Transformation technique, In reality She is constantly eating and gaining weight as is the way of the Akimichi, and when Chakra Supplies get low, Her true shape is more then just chubby but rather full on Overweight, but that is due to her usage of the weight she puts on.
• Eye colour: Brown
• Hair colour & style: She keeps her hair in a single ponytail to keep it out of her way as it is about the length of her shoulder blades to mid back, Brown(Aka Brunette)
• General Appearance: Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) 91674180b91045afe45ecb79658f27b3
• Markings:
A dragon Tattoo on her left arm

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) 8Dm3aDD
• Persona: Chouki has a bit of a complex personality, letting in only a select few to see a true side to her, the others in the world saw only what she wanted. She had a select group of friends (her team) and her mentor (Toru aka her father) who knew how she truly was and felt.

To her friends she was hyper, energetic and gungho, ready to jump in at a moments notice, to the action and fun, However she did have a more angrier side when called Fat, eventually growing a bit of a complex even going as far as covering it up with Transformation. She loved her clan and would do what she must to make it proud, and being the next leader of the clan, it was expected.

And to the Massive public eye, that's what they all saw, exactly what was expected of her and how she was ment to act, however she still had that one trigger when she was younger, and a couple of people only ever made the mistake once. She learned as she got older however to control it a bit better, at least when her name sakes where nearby, Once surrounded by strangers however, she knew she could let loose.
• Motto: Don't Judge Me By What You See

• Likes:Truth, Peanut butter, Mother, Respect, Loyalty

• Dislikes: Sex, Coconut, Father's, Secrets, Lies

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) Oj3QcJ4

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) IWaryzM
• Special Characteristics:

  • -
    Akimichi's Hiden(Multisize Techniques) remain at 100% jutsu power regardless of duration.

• Rank: Genin

• Clan: Akamichi/Uchiha (Dual KKG)
• Bijuu: No

Genin Level/ Level 1: 14 Stats points to distribute
• Strength: 6
• Speed: 1
• Edurance: 1
• Chakra:6

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) D6M18Ib

Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) I8xsqE8

• Village: Sukai
• Parents: Satoru Uchiha (Unknown), Chotai Akamichi (Alive), Step-Father(Alive)
• Siblings: Half Siblings(Alive)
• Mentor & Idols: Toru (Satoru in Disquise)
• History: Born but Sixteen years ago, Her father was not in the picture that she knew of, and her mother eventually met another that she married and had more kids with, however Being the oldest she was the Heir to the clan, little did she know she was also the heir to another clan.

She was put into training with two others the same exact age as her, meaning even born on the same day, they were the next of the Ino-Shika-Cho they were each heirs to their clan, and each had powers beyond most of their clan, they were put under a lot of pressure each excelling far beyond most their own age within their clans.

Chouki had yet to awaken her special powers that set her apart, while her friends grew in ways she didn't quiet understand, however little did she know that she would soon be put down her path to power and glory. In the background, However little did Chouki know that her Mentor who would help to attempt to push her power further was indeed the missing father, and became not just a Mentor and Friend, but a true father figure in her eyes. Little did she know the truth.

• Roleplay Sample: Genin
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PostSubject: Re: Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha)   Chouki Akamichi(Uchiha) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2019 4:12 pm

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