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 Inoyasha Yamanaka

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PostSubject: Inoyasha Yamanaka    Inoyasha Yamanaka  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2018 11:42 am

Inoyasha Yamanaka

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[size=32]• Name:  Inoyasha Yamanaka
• Nickname / Alias: Problem Child, Yasha
• Title: Heiress/Princess/Young Mistress
• Age: Sixteen
• Gender:Female
• Sexuality: Homosexual[/size]

Inoyasha Yamanaka  APRJNkR

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[size=32]• Height: 5'2"
• Weight: [in pounds] 103 lbs
• Body type: Small
• Eye colour: Sickly yellow
• Hair colour & style:blonde, short
• General Appearance:
• Markings: Scar on her left eyebrow[/size]

Inoyasha Yamanaka  8Dm3aDD
[size=32]• Persona: On the outside, Yasha is a rather dull-looking generally distasteful person to hang around. She’s a very coarse and crass person to others, her teammates in particular whom she claims to not care for in the slightest, though this is just a pretense. Through the years, she’s learned to keep an air of nonchalance and diffidence about the fortunes or misfortunes of those around her, and the less empathy people think she has, the happier she appears to be. Even without having to force herself much, she can be snarky and sarcastic without seeming to care too much about it or even be aware of it.

Despite this, she does feel a deep loyalty to her team and the bond between the three families. To both her internal self and the persona that she tries to keep up, bonds between people are important whether she wants to admit it or not. On the one hand, she pretends to be overbearing and threatening to those would threaten those close to her, but it’s not an act she can keep up for long.

Internally, she’s one of the people she pretends to hate the most. Her insecurity about this is probably the cause of such external hatred, in fact. She’s easily depressed and frightened under extended periods of stress and pressure, and very self-conscious about her own various failings and faults. There’s more kindness and empathy in her heart than one would expect from meeting her once or twice.
• Motto: “Your favorite anime is shit.”

• Likes:[five needed]
Hard liquor
Cheap cigarettes
Her teammates
Patient people
Spicy mapo tofu

• Dislikes: [five needed][/size]

Phony people and false behavior (ironic, right)
Pressure to succeed
Being forced out of her comfort zone
Accepting charity
Beef with noodles specifically

Inoyasha Yamanaka  Oj3QcJ4

Inoyasha Yamanaka  IWaryzM
[size=32]• Special Characteristics:

  • - [Each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. All Characters must start with the basic form of the SC they would like to start with. You get to choose three if you are KKG-less and will role a die to see which one you start with.

D - Genin

[size=32]• Rank: Genin

• Clan: Yamanaka
• Bijuu: No

Genin Level/ Level 1: 14 Stats points to distribute
• Strength: 3
• Speed: 4
• Edurance: 3
• Chakra: 4[/size]


Inoyasha Yamanaka  D6M18Ib

Inoyasha Yamanaka  I8xsqE8
[size=32]• Village: Sukai
• Parents: Inoyama Yamanaka [father, alive], Echika Ameya [mother, dead]
• Siblings: Inoha Yamanaka [younger sister, alive], Inowazumi Yamanaka [younger brother, alive]
• Mentor & Idols: None yet
• History: Inoyama was already in a bad spot as a man of the Yamanaka clan. He was kind of a profligate, or a hedonist, perhaps. A grown man who hadn’t grown past his youth, he was given to bouts of partying and inviting the ladies over to his house, which eventually led to his financial ruin. One of these in particular was a rather young lady of the night, who he formed a “special” bond with. The result of this, of course, was the girl’s death and Inoyasha’s birth. Shunned (though not yet cut off by the rest of her family and her father, though this was a foolish choice of irony) Yasha was given over to the care of the gardener, who looked after the run down estate more out of loyalty than desire for his paycheck. The gardener wasn’t an abusive man, but he was firm. Unfortunately for him, Yasha was a rebellious and difficult child, and frequently went to hang out with the other kids in the neighborhood, who were nearly all a bad influence on her personality and upbringing. Neither her father nor his servant, she thought, knew jack shit about the world around them. She had to get out there and experience it for herself.

It was to her great surprise that her father somehow managed to land a second wife. Jesus, she mused to herself, did this woman want to pity fuck her dad that badly? She could never figure out why she was there, but she was not a nice bitch either. Dark-browed and stormy of temperament, she unlike her father did actually resort to physical means when things didn’t go her way. As the house was now further in shame than ever, the Yamanaka clan decided to get its assets together, which included her at the bottom of the list. As such, she was entered in to the village’s ninja academy.

The rigorous structure of the academy was little different than the tutoring the gardener had tried to give her. Still, it gave a rhythm to her life that had a quality of its own. Sure, she was still definitely the problem child, but at least she could learn how to fight with superhuman power. Although a little disturbed when she learned she’d been placed into the same type of team her ancestors had always had, she hoped, secretly of course, that she’d find her new teammates to be amenable folk.

• Roleplay Sample: [/size]
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Inoyasha Yamanaka
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