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Shadow Style: Mirror Silhouette[B-S]


Shadow Style: Mirror Silhouette[B-S] CHDzEwl

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Shadow Style: Mirror Silhouette[B-S] Empty Shadow Style: Mirror Silhouette[B-S]

Post by Rei on Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:20 pm

Name: Shadow Style: Mirror Silhouette
Rank: B-S
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost: (80CP), 100CP), 120CP)
Handsigns: Rat, Horse, Boar, Rat
Duration: (2 posts). 3 Posts), 3 Posts)
Range: 10%
Speed: 90%
Description: Mirror Silhouette is a unique Nara technique devised by Shikamao Nara. First, the technique is made by using Yin Release to amplify her own shadow: this breathes life into the shadow, giving it the will to move independently of the user(or mimic them to fool opponents). The shadow itself has no real power, as it simply serves as a conduit for Shikamao's shadow control, allowing her to move freely while her shadow either performs necessary hand seals for jutsu, or extends its own shadow for Nara specific techniques. Any technique used in this manner is still deducted from Shikamao's chakra stat, along with jutsu specific stats.
Effects: Makes Shikamao's shadow autonomous.
Requirements: Nara Hiden, Yin Releae, Ninjutsu B-S, Taught by Shikamao

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