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Naruto: Crisis: Shinobi Fate

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 Passing Fang[D]

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Passing Fang[D] CHDzEwl

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PostSubject: Passing Fang[D]   Passing Fang[D] Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2018 9:58 pm

Name: Passing Fang
Rank: D
Specialty: Taijutsu
Resource Cost: 30Stam
Duration: 1(100%) post
Description: The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivering a powerful drilling-like effect onto its target. The technique can inflict extreme damage on a human target, as it can readily tear through thick tree branches and a chakra reinforced earth prison; all of which possesses a radius thicker than the user themselves.
Effects: User spins at high speed spiral to pierce targets.
Requirements: Taijutsu D, Inuzuka Hiden
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Passing Fang[D]
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