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Brilliant Fluttering Wings[B] Empty Brilliant Fluttering Wings[B]

Post by Rei on Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:14 pm

Name: Brilliant Fluttering Wings  
Rank: B
Specialty: Taijutsu
Resource Cost: 40CP, 40Stam
Duration: 1(100%)
Description: This is a life-threatening technique if used in combination with the red Akimichi food pill, which burns away all of a shinobi's excess fat and converts it into chakra. Because the members of the Akimichi clan tend to be overweight to support their techniques, this pill can give them 100 times their normal chakra level. The intensely concentrated chakra that is gained leaks out from the backbone and becomes visible through friction with the shoulder blade, appearing like a butterfly wing. The user then concentrates the unique chakra into their fist, and then puts all their body weight behind the punch. The massive amount of chakra concentrated is enough to change the user's body structure, and the user will die unless given medical attention soon thereafter.
Effects: Converts all of Butterfly Mode chakra into one attack at +200% chakra stat
Requirements: Akimichi hiden, B Taijutsu, Akimichi Red Food Pill, Butterfly Mode

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