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Name: Kijin(鬼神 Fierce God)
Founder: N/A
Location: Dark Forest near Jokigakure.

History: Little is known outside of the clan itself, as the Kijin view humans to be lower or lesser- not worthy of explaining their sacred bloodlines and generations of proud breeding. It was not till during the warring period between the clans that the Kijin appeared, offering their services to any village willing to allow them to do combat- simply to participate in their battles. As such, both sides of nearly ever war sought to use the Kijin against their enemies. One weakness to this plan was that the Kijin would attack indiscriminately: the weak from both sides would be trampled beneath the Kijin's beastly might. The clan itself became taboo and horror stories from many battlefields. The act of employing a Kijin into combat was both suicidal and considered an act of terrorism: which only further aggravated the wars.

Eventually the wars died down and that left the Kijin with a temporary sense of emptiness. Having lost some of their strongest warriors during wars- there was no greater sensation... Yet that left the clan weakened and with no Alpha to lead them, they conceded defeat to only the strongest of humans, the Kage. As their location was deep in the Dark Forests near Jokigakure, the Kijin allied themselves with the village of jokigakure and after several years, were allowed to migrate to the village itself.

For the first few years, there was a terrible transition from beast to "human" standards: such s the act of wearing normal clothes instead of beast skins(which were often the skins of deceased relative or trophies from fellow powerful Kijin they slew). Another difficulty was getting the Kijin to be cordial with the other villagers. It was a challenge from both perspectives- as Kijin were beasts humanoids and not actual humans. The humans of Jokigakure had become fearful and resentful to the Kijin, most many atrocities during the wars and their natural aggressive natures. To the Kijin, the humans' scorn meant little to them: they were weak and used their numbers to win victories meant only for individuals. Even to this day in the village, Kijin are treated like monsters, shunned by many, feared or hated.

Special Info: The Kijin are an unusual clan- although humanoid and highly intelligent- they are still beasts through physiology and mentality. As such, they have much longer lives and a different sense of 'time" than humans. The clan's appearances very greatly, as the Kijin have evolved from many types of beasts. So some clnsmen may have cat ears, a bunny tail or horns, etc. A beast child isn't considered an adult until they are at least two hundred years old: even then, they are considered whelps until they manage to kill relatively powerful creatures. Without knowing the specifics to the Kijin(which few indeed know) Anyone would assume they too were human, though monsters in the sense that their morals were warped. The fear and resentment in Jokigakure is most tangible and any source of information about the clan comes from the village itself: although, the rumors are often exaggerated(partially). Their physical differences aside. There are a few specifics about the clan's bloodline, but mainly is their physique and KKG. Their KKG, which is known as (神獣 Kamikemono- "Divine Beast") gives them the ability of bestial transformations and unique chakra. 
Their chakra is unique in that its properties are amplified greatly when fighting anything non-humanoid(Such as beasts and monsters. +20% chakra stat. Due to this, the clan has a lot of in-fighting and bad blood). 

Requirements: Pure-blood Clan-born & raised in Joki.

Current Members:
Momoko Kijin(Princess)

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Supplementary(Blood)
Rank: C-S

Description: The bloodline "神獣 Kamikemono- Divine Beast" is mainly a shape-shifting type of ability in which uses the clansmen's chakra and blood to completely transform the body or specific body parts into that of other creatures. Or even creatures combined. It is because of this bloodline limit that beasts were able to "evolve" into humanoid in their natural unchanged states although they keep their heightened senses. As they are still beasts, they can communicate with beasts far better than any human could. Their bodies adapted and along with it, their intelligence comparable to that of humans. In appearance, speech and intelligence they are akin to humans in most every way, excluding minor physical alterations such as their horns, fangs and claws. This bloodline is similar to the concept of the transformation technique, although the Kijin's bloodline takes the transformation to a whole new level. As the Kijin transform into various beasts, their stats and physiology change considerably without the need for the humans' handseals or Ninjutsu. Along with the change in their bodies, they also take on the other specifics of beasts they turn into, such as natural defenses(poisons, quills, etc) and weaknesses as well. A skilled Kijin clansmen can retain a humanoid form while possessing the qualities of beasts they are imitating. Rumors of werewolves and the like have been sourced to this clan.

There are specific weaknesses to this clan however: as they are fundamentally beasts and operate somewhat differently than humans' chakra circulations- there are certain specializations that they are unable to use. This includes Fuinjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu. In addition, they are incompatible for DNA transplants to and from humans. This is due to the nature of their unique chakra, which to any sensory or similar ability- appears as they their chakra is demonic and hostile.

Jutsu: TBA

Clan Special Characteristics: As the Kijin are beasts and not humans, their rate of growth is greater. For each level up, the Kijin receive +10 stats points instead of +7.

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