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PostSubject: Momoko Kijin   Momoko Kijin Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2018 1:34 am

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• Name: [Momoko Kijin]
• Nickname / Alias: [Beast Princess]
• Title: [N/A]
• Age: [207 Years]
• Gender: [♀]
• Sexuality: [homosexual]

Momoko Kijin APRJNkR

Momoko Kijin 9sqtiQu
• Height: [5'6"]
• Weight: [130lbs]
• Body type: [Slightly curvy w/ soft muscle tone]
• Eye color: [Purple]
• Hair color & style:[Light purple color, long one style ponytail.]
• General Appearance: [Momoko is a woman of average height, though that is the most normal comparison between her and normal women. Her skin tone is somewhat pale, a soft white but not pasty. Her hair and eyes are of the same color, a soft purple: though, her eyes are more vivid in color than her hair. From a distance, her hair could be mistaken as white. Her hairstyle is one long ponytail ith her bangs brushed to the sides of her temples. The length of the ponytail is longer than average, reaching almost to her butt before tapering off on both sides.

The most distinguished feature of Momoko is her singular horn which protrudes from the center of her forehead above her eyes. The horn is an actual appendage of her body, the horn itself being a solid black color. The horn protrudes many inches, approximately six inches in an upward and curved manner. Aside from her horn, she also possesses beast-like fangs, two rows of them inside her mouth: Lastly, her fingernails are abnormal. Her fingernails extend slightly more than a normal human's and have a very slight curve and tapered into claws. These three features are unique to the members of her clan. In addition to her physical features, she possesses a very large bust- much larger than even the most gifted women. Though unnaturally large, they are quite elastic and don't seem to impede Momoko's movements(Bust size 42F- Measurements- 42 Bust, 30 Waist, 38Hips]
Bust diagram:

• Markings: [In description- 1 horn(forehead), beast fangs(mouth, two rows), beast fingernails]

Momoko Kijin 8Dm3aDD
• Persona: [Momoko is a woman of the three types mostly: Sadodere, Deredere & Yandere. These three types of character persona are the best methods for defining Momoko. Momoko is a very hyperactive and friendly person- though most of the time one would assume she was an airhead or mentally challenged due to her childish her logic can be. Momoko enjoys people for various reasons: entertaining them to see how they react, but in truth it is to entertain her. Due to her highly energetic and cheerful nature, she enjoys singing- so she's taken up a role as an idol to the masses, a singer. She has few if any morals, as she and her clan aren't actually human. While she loves to entertain people, but are not what she adores or focuses her affection on. Put simply, she loves monsters in every sense of the form- Monsters come in many shapes and forms, even humanoid: so she is constantly looking to meet new people in hopes of discovering fun and playful monsters even among humans.

That is the most common characteristic of her personality, often shown visibly in public- yet there are two other parts of her persona that aren't as vividly aware to the public or any average person. The other two types of "dere" go hand-in-hand, as the darker side of her is more sadistic and controlling. She genuinely loves toying with anyone and everyone- to the point where it can physically turn her on and make her wet. This is especially true when she finds a "love" interest: a monster which piques her interest- though how she reacts to her love interest varies. Most of the time her desire is to kill them, through physical or mental torture. "Love" to her is something that only she can have- so she makes sure that no one else can enjoy her "love" through whatever means necessary(Whether killing her love interest, or anyone nearby or might endanger her loved one.]
Dere types:

• Motto: ["Bite you to death"]

• Likes:[Singing, Eating, Hunting, Torturing, Laughing, Manipulating]

• Dislikes: [Straight-laced people, Rules, "Heroes", Anyone not her "love", Loud people, Weak people(Just people in generally really)]

Momoko Kijin Oj3QcJ4

Momoko Kijin IWaryzM

• Special Characteristics:

  • - [Each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. All Characters must start with the basic form of the SC they would like to start with. You get to choose three if you are KKG-less and will role a die to see which one you start with.

D - Genin
C - Chunnin
B - Special Jounin
A - Jounin, ANBU
S - Sannin
SS - Kage
• Rank: [no need to explain, Everyone starts at Genin level.]

• Clan: [Kijin Clan].
• Bijuu: No

• Strength: 4
• Speed: 4
• Edurance: 1
• Chakra: 5

Momoko Kijin D6M18Ib

Momoko Kijin I8xsqE8

• Village: [Jokigakure]
• Parents: [Mother-Shino(Deceased), Father-Yosuke(Deceased)]
• Siblings: [Sister- Semasu(Deceased)]
• Mentor & Idols: [N/A]
• History: [The history of Momoko is deeply intertwined with that of her clan as a whole, the Kijin. Momoko is a daughter of royalty: as royal as bests get anyways. Her father was well-known and respected in the clan, so much so that he was recognized as their Alpha- also known to humans as a clan head or leader. To the Kijin, right and wrong are morals of humans: everything about the Kijin is based on power- as "might makes right" The mightiest make the rules and the standard for what is just and unjust. Momoko's father was the Alpha, but Momoko's mother was also quite strong: although her beauty easily surpassed her strength. Being the most beautiful beast, Momko's father took her mother Shino as his mate and produced two children, daughters.

Of the two born, Momoko was the eldest and first born daughter. Second came her little sister Semasu. Momoko was born blessed with the birthright to both parents: her father's indomitable power and her mother's unparalleled beauty. Her little Semasu was also blessed, but to a lesser degree on both regards. Though Momoko looked more like her mother, her little sister more so resembled their father. Among the Kijin, great things were expected from the girls due to the bloodline and their particular parents. Both were expected to be strong, so strong that they should defy expectations and rule over anyone under the Kijin with the exception of the Alpha, their father.

It was this logic that molded Momoko into her current persona and led to the downfall of the Alpha and the rest of her family. After the birth of her second child, their mother lost most of her strength, retaining only her beauty. In a clan where power was greater than beauty, many came to scorn Momoko's mother: often talking poorly about her and indirectly about their father for choosing to keep such a weak beast woman alive. It was at this time in the lives of the two children at the ages of seven and eight, that they lost their loving mother. When their father was too busy to care for the family, others of the Kijin sought to murder their dear mother. As children, their minds were too immature to understand the rational of adults, though the idea of power was undeniably engraved into their souls.

As the daughters had great expectations, they were spared and overlooked as members of the Kijin plotted and carried out the murder of Momoko's mother. As a clan un-phased by morals, they didn't bother to separate the daughters from their mother as they chose to act. In their own way, they brandished weapons or their bare fists and claws as they repeatedly stabbed and sliced at Momoko's mother mercilessly before the young girls' eyes. It was at that moment in her life that her mind snapped and solidified the ideals of the later Momoko. Helplessly she and Semasu watched as the mother's life faded from her eyes and their clansmen left rejoicing.

Never witnessing such a despair as such a young and innocent beast girl, Monoko couldn't comprehend the reason... All she knew, was that she wished for no one to ever take from her love ever again. Her heart closed and her mind twisted, she knew the only way to stop people from stealing her loved ones, was to kill her loved ones before anyone else could steal them from her. Or kill anyone who endangered her loved ones... Yet she was a child and still weak. She didn't stand a chance against her clan. That left her with only one option- to kill her remaining family of loved ones. True to her nature, she started with the hardest to kill first, her father.

Grieved and enraged at the loss of his wife, he was an easy target for the girl who only thought of ways to kill her beloved father to "save" him. As his most beloved and prized daughter, he hadn't understood her warped soul and underestimated the child. That was his undoing as she weakened him with poisons from the forest, and then used a tool to hack him into pieces as she was paralyzed from agonizing poisons. After she was certain her father was dead, she crept into her little sister's room and laid in bed with her, warmly cuddling her sleeping sister as she slowly strangled her. With the only loved ones now dead and "safe" from everyone else, she recovered from the despair and became a cheerful girl again, accepting her clan's actions as "just" because of their indelible rule of power.]

• Roleplay Sample: [For ranks from jounin and up, you must make an rp sample that shows you are worthy of this high spot. Genin and chuunin and judged by the way their app is put together]
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