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• Name:  Inuzaka, Gyokusho
• Nickname / Alias: Naw
• Title: Nope
• Age: Eighteen
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Probably bisexual


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• Height: 5' 7"
• Weight: 150
• Body type: T H I C C (Beefy)
• Eye colour: Green
• Hair colour & style: Black | Medium Short | Choppy and Unkempt
• General Appearance: An expertly built specimen, Gyokusho's biggest shortcoming is his short stature. Below average height for a man as it is, this is only exacerbated by the fact that people in his profession tend to be monstrously large, making him appear even more demure than he is. However, one would be rather foolish to confuse him for a prepubescent boy, his body having lost the rounder face and tube-like appendages of youth. No, he has a hard, thick body with muscles stretched taught across his broad frame and his face tapers narrowly to a slender, pointed chin.

His face is general angular, accented by his messy, rather spiky black hair which falls about in an unkempt fashion. He has a fairly unremarkable nose, average of size, slender, straight, and pointed, and his eyes are a clear, rather vibrant green, though he takes other's word for that. For unknown congenital reasons, he is completely colorblind and can only perceive the world in a nuanced gray scale, though he tends to rely on smells roughly as much as sight anyway.

For his clothing, he prefers to remain fairly low-key, even during his personal time. Muted tones and blacks are among his favorite colors, though it is not beyond the pale for him to suddenly be found in a bright or otherwise mismatched set of apparel because, of course, he cannot see the colors of his clothing clearly. Thus, while his look tends to be simple and well matched as far as style and pattern, it's common that some conflicting accent piece finds its way onto his body due to his deficiency.
• Markings: Hand tattoos. Left hand has a reddish-brown lion's head on the back of it; right hand has a black ram's head.

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• Persona: Alpha af.

Bred to rule, Gyokusho has managed to avoid letting his natural leadership and general ambient authority from getting to his head. Instead, he comes off as rather quiet most of the time, preferring not to speak too terribly much unless it is required of him. When he does speak, it's in a short, quick manner which brokers no deals and leaves space for no questions. He is not, thus, "polite" in any particular sense of the word, though he is neither overtly rude; simply, he does not sugar coat anything, says what he thinks, and directly asks what he wants to know. Certainly his rich, deep voice helps people stomach this to some extent, but his mannerisms are doubtlessly more effective: at his core, he is supremely confident in himself and his own abilities, at least in most relevant fields to his work.

On the flip side, he is rather socially inept for partially obvious reasons. Again, while not vicious or rude, he is not terribly good with people in day to day social contexts. As with too many ninja, his human contact has been limited to fights and business, as well as the complicated web of deference paid to and from him up the chain of command. Thus, while he's quite confident in his abilities and extremely diligent with his training and learning, he is still caught up in his own self-discovery when faced with getting to know anyone on a personal level.

And, while he tends to run his life in a manner almost mafia-style board meeting, he has a deep running fear of his own abilities, fledgling though they are. While the academy taught him some small trifles, he has hunted since the day he was born. Thus, he has built up some reflexes and muscle memories in stress situations to which he is not fully conscious. Coupled with the... unique disposition of his family surrounding what a "hunt" actually is, he has a generally good reason to tremble at his own inner capacity for violence. While generally he is in rather tight control of himself, his family up plays the significance of accepting one's own destructive urges and impulses, at least when applied judiciously, and he has no more choice in having been brought up in this manner than he did in being born.
• Motto: None yet?

• Likes:
  • Warm Weather

  • Hunting

  • Spicy Foods

  • Strategy

  • Breathtaking Outdoor Vistas

• Dislikes:
  • Cold Weather

  • Hunting

  • Sweets

  • Senseless People

  • Confinement

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WIP     IWaryzM
• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name:  Animal Instincts
    Rank: D-S
    Requirements: Born into the Clan
    Type: Physical
    Description: As A member of the inuzuka clan, these members are given their own Canine Companions to grow and become powerful with. The dog companions trust these Humans because of their Fangs and Claws as well as their own animal instincts. Inuzuka Members gain an additional +1 stat point per level up. Their canine companions level up with them, but only gain +5stats per level(Between Strength, Speed & Endurance only). Additionally, clan-born Inuzuka gain heightened senses of hearing and smell. They can head and smell better in a range at 5/10/15/20/25 percent(of their chakra stat in meters) in accordance to the rank of their SC.

D - Genin

• Rank: D

• Clan: Inuzaka
• Bijuu: None... Yet. Wink

• Strength: 1
• Speed: 2
• Edurance: 1
• Chakra: 10

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WIP     I8xsqE8
[b">• Village: Joki
• Parents: Nishihara [Dad] Nakao [Mother]
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: Sanyang, God of the Hunt
• History: From the moment of his birth, Gyokusho was given unto the clan into which he was born, or at least the smallish branch of the clan which birthed him. The most active members of the eternal hunt which they serve, his family was erased in favor of a massive, communal raising within the confines of his compound. Life had not a singular mother nor father, but rather a seemingly endless set of adult figures which he could turn to at basically any time. He has - by design - no idea whether any of his "siblings" are truly direct relations or just distant cousins, but either by inborn temperament or the practices by which he was raised, this distinction never became relevant to him. That said, the world beyond the walls of his clan does care about such distinctions, which causes a fair bit of consternation and confusion when he interacts which non-clansmen, something increasingly common the more proficient he becomes.

As with all members of his family group, he was trained for combat starting at a young age. Along with all his brothers and sisters, his family raised him as a strong, independent, and proficient warrior who would enroll in the academy at his first opportunity. He venerated the hunt, as did everyone around him, and was part of the pack from birth, though it quickly became apparent that he was not as dependent on the pack mentality as many of the other children of his age group. Not a problem, but just a challenge, something somewhat out of the norm, and this delayed his entry to the academy as he was given quite a bit more personal training by a few of his clan elders due to his natural display of dominance, leadership, and slightly lonerish tendencies. There was always a risk that people with this sort of natural disposition could become lone wolves, which would never do.

Eventually, when finally he was fifteen, he did attend the academy and found that his peers were both younger and much less prepared for the training they would go through. Not only had he received a range of hand to hand combat preparation, he had a naturally high chakra resource to rely upon. He had also attended his first hunt, something which prepared him for ... many more horrible things than the academy would realistically show him. That said, for all of his training and pedigree, some deep, hidden place within him loves that aspect of the hunt, loves to chase and find, and this destructive nature of him is something which gives him great fear and trepidation, something which he has selectively chosen not to deal with as of yet.
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