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Litter[D Mission] Empty Litter[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:30 pm

Name: Litter
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Any Public Area
Reward: 125 Ryo
Description: There was a birthday party in the village and they didn't clean up after themselves. There is gift wrap, food, and cake all over the place. Go clean it up.
Redoable?: Yes

Shikamao pulled a large bag of trash over her shoulder as she looked around at all the confetti andnapkins about. There had been a party recently in a public area.... and no one bothered to clean up the mess. Shikamao sighed, in both exhaustion and aggravation. She only hoped that the reason they hadn't cleaned up after themselves, was because a wild bear or something had chased them away and eaten them. The chances were slim... but they were there. That thought helped Shikamao get through the effort it took to bag up all the garbage and wipe down the tables. Unfortunately, the confetti was still on the ground and the ground was grass... another reason she secretly hoped that the owners of this party had died some horrendously slow and agonizing death.

She knelt on the ground and began to pick up the confetti pieces one by one and dropped them into her trash bag. Every time she opened the trashbag to put confetti into it, she smelt sickeningly sweet cake and melted ice cream. "Ooofff.. I don't think I want to smell cake or ice cream for a long time after I finish this mission." she said to herself as she continued to grumble and clean up the mess. Despite her quickness in cleaning up the mess, it had taken her over an hour to bag everything up and throw it into a nearby public dumpster. By her estimate, the party hadnt lasted more than an hour itself: which in an indirect manner, meant that Shikamao had attended the party herself and was left with the mess afterwards. Strange logic, but she decided to use it to feel self-justified at the amount of work she had to do for someone else' birthdat party.

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