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Lifeguard Duty[D Mission] Empty Lifeguard Duty[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:15 pm

Name: Lifeguard Duty
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Pool or Beach
Requirements: Any
Reward: 100 Ryo
Description: The local swimming pool or beach is low on staff. They have an event happening for Spring Break and cannot afford to close down. Go to the pool or beach and act as a lifeguard for the day.
Redoable?: Yes

Shikamao shielded her eyes from the bright sun with her dominant right hand. Today was very bright... and very hot. Not too far from the village of Sukaigakure, was a resort beach. This particular beach's resort business was short handed: a problem is seemed to have quite often. "Last time I was here... a kid nearly drowned..." she said out loud absently, remembering the last time she had helped this particular establishment. Shizuna Aburame had been with her then: a childhood friend of Shikamao's. "But don't worry little one, I already saved you." she said to the little boy she was holding in the fold of her left arm and against her hip. Despite her slightly morbid and foreboding words, the little boy didn't seem to mind. Possibly that was because he had a near death experience... Or maybe it was the fact that he was resting his head on Shikamao's large breasts. Well whatever, he's a little innocent cutie. she told herself and walked ashore the beach and handed the little boy over to his worried mother.

"You should keep a better eye on him. If I hadn't been here, he would have drowned." she said, talking down to a grown women: whom at the time, was too busy crying from joy over her son to feel guilt or anger from being rebuked by a young shinobi woman. Truthfully, Shikamao was annoyed herself. This was supposed to be one of the easiest missions and yet every time she came here... some child always seemed to risk drowning and forcing her to do some work. Shikamao looked down at her black bathing suit, she hadn't acquired much of a tan yet. Well I guess I'll get back to my tanning until the next inevitable child tries to drown themselves out in deep water. she thought to herself and walked back towards the beach where her towel was currently placed. She laid down on the towel and breathed a sigh of relaxation.

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