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Uchiha Clan Clanuchiha

Name: Uchiha
Founder: Asura Uchiha
Location: Sukaigakure

History: The Uchiha clan initially was a nomadic tribe on the borders of Jokigakure. They possess a long history of dispute with their rival clan, the Senju. Due to the nature of their bloodlines and how they can be used by each clan: the two clans were constantly at war for supremacy over the other. Each clan wished to use the other clan to further their own powers to become the most powerful in the land. It was not until the Senju were adpted into the village of Kazangakure early days, that the uchiha clan sought allies of their own. This led the Uchiha clan to become a part of Sukaigakure. From this point on, their personal disputes became major village issues and were a heavy contributing factor to the wars between Kazangakre and Sukaigakure for years to come

Special Info: The Uchiha are steeped in tradition, like many of the prominent clans across the shinobi world. They have a clan head as well as  six elders who provide council and training to the younger generations. Typically these leaders are the oldest and considered the strongest of the clan. When it comes to knowledge of the sharingan and variations, these seven people are the ones with the most knowledge. As a whole, the Uchiha clan are a powerful and proud people. They prize their heritage and bloodline, so much that many of the clan see themselves superior to others. Additionally, all clan members inherently posses a natural affinity to Fire Release and are not truly considered adults until they can perform the "Great Fireball" technique.(Must choose Fire Release for 1st element.)

Requirements: Clan-born

Current Members: Satoru Uchiha

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Doujutsu
Rank: D-X

Description: The Sharingan (写輪眼, Literally meaning: Copy Wheel Eye, Meaning: Mirror Wheel Eye) is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan that appears selectively among its members. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", the others being the Byakugan and the Rinnegan.  When a wielder of this kekkei genkai experiences a powerful emotional condition with regards to a person precious to them, their brain releases a special form of chakra that affects the optic nerves, transforming the eyes into Sharingan; for that reason the Sharingan is described as an "eye that reflects the heart" (心を写す瞳, Kokoro o utsusu hitomi). Often, as per the Uchiha's so-called "Curse of Hatred", this emotion is a negative one, brought on by stress or loss. The emotion can also be positive, driven by a desire to protect or reunite with a loved one.
First Tomoe:
Second Tomoe:
Third Tomoe:
Mangekyo Sharingan:
Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan:

Jutsu: TBA

Clan Special Characteristics: N/A
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Uchiha Clan
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