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Litter [D-Rank Mission]

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Litter [D-Rank Mission] Empty Litter [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Zap Fosho on Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:15 pm

Karite walked into the area of the birthday party, dressed in her shinobi gear. Her cloak was open and hood down for mobility. She had a prankster and vandal that she had caught previously with her. ”We need to clean this place up. Understood?” They both nodded as they went their separate ways to begin cleaning the area. Karite stood in the center of the area, surveying it. As she surveyed the area, she noticed a sign that piqued her curiosity. She walked over and kneeled down. Karite picked up the sign and looked over the writing. It read ‘Happy Birthday Aiko Akumu.’ She sighed realizing that it was her cousins that made the mess. ”Those stupid fucking assholes. I’m going to rip them a new one for this. She sighed as she looked around. The two kids that were with her heard everything but thought it was about them. They worked twice as hard to get everything clean. ”That is good work. You are both dismissed.” She said as they finished cleaning up the area. She sighed as she crushed the sign in her hands. She began walking off towards the Kage’s office. Afterword, she would serve up some justice on her family.

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