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Catch a Prankster [D Rank Mission]

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Catch a Prankster [D Rank Mission] ZGgTnqa

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Catch a Prankster [D Rank Mission] Empty Catch a Prankster [D Rank Mission]

Post by Zap Fosho on Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:45 pm

Karite hid herself on the roof across from the store. She was dressed in her normal shinobi outfit with her cloak unbuttoned. She kept her hood down for better movement and sight. It was pitch black out, so she knew that she would be hidden. She had planned and plotted, following his patterns as he vandalized multiple stores. She knew that he would be hitting this store and that it would be any minute now. She smirked as she saw her prey approach from down the street. The prankster approached, supplies seemingly in his pockets. As he approached, she smirked and jumped off the roof and onto the young prankster. She took him down to the ground. She grabbed his throat and held him down to the ground. ”Well, well, well, what do we have here? You are going to listen to me and listen to me good. Do you understand me?” He nodded slowly. ”I follow the balance. That means, no matter what it takes, I will make sure you follow it. Right now, the way I see it, there is enough bad in the world as is. That means if I kill you, I will bring the balance closer towards the middle. Or you can change your ways and stop pranking people. Will you change your ways?” She smirked with a killer glare. He nodded as fast and easily as he could. She smiled and let him go. She giggled as he ran as far away as fast as he could. She took the paint with her as she walked away from the scene.

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