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Animal Droppings [D-Rank Mission] FlPA3wp


Animal Droppings [D-Rank Mission]

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Animal Droppings [D-Rank Mission] ZGgTnqa

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Animal Droppings [D-Rank Mission] Empty Animal Droppings [D-Rank Mission]

Post by Zap Fosho on Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:20 pm

Karite walked down the street, dressed in her normal shinobi gear. Behind her was a pickpocket that she had caught red handed. In return for going easy on him, she escorted him through the streets, forcing him to help with her mission. She pointed to a pile of animal droppings on the street and he went to pick it up. She smirked and giggled as she saw him doing the job. ”I’m so glad you decided to help. This will make atoning for your crimes against the balance so much easier for you.” She said with a mostly blank tone. She would point out droppings here and there, making sure that none was missed. She walked down the street slowly. She made sure to scan every bit of the street so that none was missed. It was clear that quite a few animals had come through her recently. Karite was constantly pointing out more places where the poop had been. She was happy with her results overall and happy that the kid was doing good after causing so much bad. She finally reached the end of her route. ”You are dismissed. The goddess is pleased.” She said to the pickpocket. He bowed nervously and ran off. She then walked off towards the Kage’s office for her reward.

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