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Delivery Boy...erh Girl[D Mission]


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Delivery Boy...erh Girl[D Mission] Empty Delivery Boy...erh Girl[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:51 pm

Name: Delivery Boy
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Your Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 200 Ryo
Description: You need to deliver a letter from your Kage to one of the elite Jounin in the village so that they may have their instructions for the day.
Redoable?: Yes

This was an unusual mission for Shikamao. Normally, she got suckered into work... Especially work that initially sounded easy but ended up being more than she bargained for. Due to this kinds of outcomes, she had come to be suspicious about things that sounded too good to be true. Naturally, when she was tasked a mission with delivering someone else' mission details to them... she automatically assumed it would be more work than she thought.. or maybe in the mission details of the Jounin, was to bring her along for more work. She sighed at that thought. Any mission a Jounin of the village was on, was surely way more work than she was used to. Of course that was only a possibility and Shikamao secretly hoped the mission was as simple as it sounded.

With starting her mission, she was handed a sealed scroll by another Jounin and told that she would need to find the recipient of the mission and hand it to them. Sounded easy enough, but Shikamao was a keen shinobi, with both her ears and eyes. She picked up the underlying meaning to the words "find" Which meant that they weren't certain where this particular Jounin was! It wasn't as much a delivery mission, as it was a game of cat and mouse. Begrudgingly she sighed and then set out into the village to find the particular Jounin. While she didn't personally know many of the older generation of shinobi, she knew some of their faces and names- but Jounin were usually wearing flak vests, so it shouldn't be too hard to identify them. Or so Shikamao thought after searching three different streets. There was hardly and sign of this man.. It was about lunch time though, so Shikamao thought that maybe if she visited the food area, she would find the Jounin. Sure enough. After searching five or six restaurants and two smaller shops, she found the Jounin ordering a round of dango.

Secret she thanked the gods that she found him and dropped the mission scroll in his hands before he received his dango. The Jounin unsealed the scroll and read through it silently. Shikamao watched his eyes as he read, this was the moment she would find out if she was supposed to help him do more work or not. The Jounin, noticing her waiting still, reached over to his freshly made dango and handed her a dango stick. "Your job is done now, you may go." he said, much to her relief. he thankfully received the treat and nibbled on it as she walked away. Maybe this mission hand't been so bad after all.

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