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Animal Droppings[D Mission]


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Animal Droppings[D Mission] Empty Animal Droppings[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:39 pm

Name: Animal Droppings
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Public Area
Requirements: Any
Reward: 100 Ryo
Description: Evidently, whoever has been walking their pets lately doesn't understand how to clean up after them. You need to go out and clean up all their er... poopie!
Redoable?: Yes

There were just some things that a lady shouldn't do: not that Shikamao ever professed or acted like a lady. It just seemed like a convenient excuse to get out of some work. Unfortunately, someone thought that this missin would serve to teach Shikamao some humility... Or maybe they just wanted to have revenge on her for always being lazy. Regardless, Shikamao's face was covered in disgust as she had finished reading the mission details. Along with the word description of the mission, was a diagram of the street was was intended to perform the...duty. "I swear... If I find whoever did this.. Or even, whoever assigned this mission to me." she thought to herself, imagining all of the physical and verbal abuse she would bring down onto them.

Defeated, she crumpled up the paper. She knew the route: she had often seen the droppings along the sidewalk, but it was not her problem. It wasn't until now of course. Both of her parents were away at some meeting... Although she suspected that her mother was at the meeting while her father was gambling somewhere. She had the house to herself and rumaged through the bathroom closet until she found what she was looking for. Rubber gloves, a mouth mask and a trashbag. The purpose these objects were fairly easy to understand: at least, for the gloves and trashbag. The face mask served two purposes. First, to hide her face so Chouki and Inoyasha didn't recognize her. Second, to hide the disgusted look on her face while she completed her task. She made her way to the designated area and surveyed it. There was a lot of animal poop there, mostly old and dried. "Even with out village upside down in the sky... poop still gets stuck on sidewalks huh.." she said out loud in sarcastic disbelief. Still, she had a job to do and she went about it at her own pace.

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