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Walking The Dogs[D Mission] Empty Walking The Dogs[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:31 pm

Name: Walking The Dogs
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Streets of a residential village area.
Requirements: Any
Reward: 150 Ryo
Description: A number of elderly people who are not properly mobile need help walking their pets. Go walk the animals and return them safely to their homes. The pet owners will reward you for your work.
Redoable?: Yes

Walking dogs didn't sound too much like a chore. Shikamao liked animals to a degree, especially canines. Not so much small cats. Something about cats irritated her. No, this mission was supposed to be easy: as the villager was an elderly man who had asked for assistance in walking his three dogs. Three dogs, one for Shikamao, one for Chouki and one for Inoyasha... Or at least that's how it was supposed to be. The Nara heiress had arrived at the appointed meeting place about ten minutes late: that was her norm however and she fully expected the other two kunoichi on her team to be waiting impatiently. Such was not the case however and Shikamao had realized that for some reason or another... Chouki and Inoyasha hadn't showed up for the mission. "Oh give me a break... What's with them lately? I'm supposed to be the lazy one out of us three.." she said in a complaining tone.

She waited for five more minutes but there was no sign or message from her friends. It would seem she was doing another mission by herself. She had waited long enough and walked lazily towards the residential district of the village with her hands in her pockets. If one didn't know any better: the way she walked, she could easily have been mistaken for a thug or gangster. She was just in a bad mood though: a mood that she put away when she arrived at the elderly man's house and knocked on his door. Part of the job was acting the part- in this case, acting as a cheerful and helpful village shinobi. Hi mister. My two friends were busy, so I'll be in charge of walking all three dogs today." she said and the man hesitantly agreed, only asking her three times if she was "Sure"

She agreed, eager to do the task and get the mission over with. That was her hubris, not realizing that the man was hinting that this would be more than a simple task for anyone. This became apparent to her when he returned to the door with three large dogs, dogs that were nearly equal to his diminutive size as an elderly man. For the life of her, Shikamao had no idea why such an old man would want to have and care for three dogs which could easily crush him by sitting in his lap. Regardless, she took the leashes attached to their collars... Leashes that Shikamao was certain would instantly snap if those dogs spotted a cat. The elderly man explained his usual route with the dogs, so Shikamao would also follow this route. The easiest way would be to follow the route and let the dogs enjoy the familiar scenery. With a wave of her hand, she was gone with the three dogs: which to her surprise, were rather gentle and conscious of the one walking them. Though they were big, they were trained to be gentle giants. Shikamao found herself actually enjoying the walk with the three dogs and hardly realized the time had passed quickly until she made a full circle and returned near the house.

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