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That's My Purse[D Mission] Empty That's My Purse[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:18 pm

Name: That's My Purse
Rank: D-Rank
Location: Public Area
Requirements: Any
Reward: 250 Ryo
Description: You are in a public area and hear a commotion. Upon further investigation, you find the commotion to be a purse thief having ran off with a woman's purse. Track the thief down and take him to jail. Then give the woman her purse back. Bounty for the thief and the reward from the woman will net you a total of 250 Ryo.
Redoable?: Yes

Sometime, it was just impossible to avoid work. It was a cosmic truth that Shikamao had begrudgingly come to accept. The easiest explanation for this was that were was always rewards for services rendered: or rewarded deeds. Shikamao didn't mind helping out the weak or innocent, especially against some injustices... but she preferred to not go out of her way and do work for extra merit. She would prefer to just spend her idle time sleeping or visiting Chouki's house and eating the food her parents cooked. Something her and Chouki always bickered over: food.

Shikama had been walking from Chouki's house actually, after eating her fill of food that an Akimichi would be impressed with. That was when Shikamao noticed some commotion not too far from her own position. Approximately ten meters away was a woman wearing pink... Why she wore yellow, Shikamao had no idea. It was an ugly and attention-seeking color after all. Well the woman got what she wanted- attention... Though maybe not the kind of attention she had wished. Completely oblivious to her surroundings and walking around like she owned the street, a greasy old man in poor clothing ran passed her with a knife and skillfully cut the strings to the handle of the woman's purse. Free of its owner, the purse was snatched by the purse thief and he began to dash away.

Part of Shikamao wanted to let the purse snatcher go, it would teach that woman to be so full of herself: yet Shikamao simply couldn't overlook this crime. She was a shinobi of the village and more importantly, part of the four great clans. She raised her hands together in front of her large chest and performed the ram handseal and applied chakra to her shadow. Shadow Imitation Technique! Her shadow expanded and took an odd shape as it quickly darted into the nearby shadows of bystanders to extend its range and connect with the unsuspecting purse thief. Instantly frozen in his tracks, he panicked. Rei would walk towards him, and thus making him walk towards her. She continued to step until the man mirrored her movements and stood right in front of her, powerless. "Snatching purses in broad day light is a crime I cannot overlook. Let's go." she said, completely looking down on the man who worked so hard for all the wrong reasons. She reached down and pulled the sword from her waist and slowly retracted her shadow from the man. "If you run,
I'll cut off both of your legs and your dominant arm."
she said with no mercy, her tone so thick that it left any doubt in the man's mind. Caught and intimidated, the man walked in a defeated manner as she led him to the authories and tossed the woman's purse back to her.

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