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Clean up the Graffiti[D Mission]


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Clean up the Graffiti[D Mission] Empty Clean up the Graffiti[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:40 am

Name: Clean up the Graffiti
Rank: D
Location: The Academy of any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 300 Ryo
Description: Somebody had vandalized the academy with crude and indecent drawings in the dead of night, it's your job to clean all of it up before any of the students can see what has been done
Redoable?: Yes

Shikamao sighed to herself as she carried a fresh bucket of paint and a paint brush to a certain wall. She sighed for several reasons, but mostly out of aggravation. Previously she had found a vandal who was a little academy student. He had painted crude images on the academy wall several nights in a row. Shikamao had been assigned to find and capture him, she had done so easy enough: though really late at night. She had to be certain it was him though and had waited until he had begun to paint crude images on the wall again.That was when she struck so to speak and captured him: yet now... she was being assigned to cleaning up his mess? "I don't understand why the little boy can't clean up his own mess.. but whatever." she said out loud to no one.

It was still late at night, although the next night. Her mission was to repaint the walls that the boy had crudely painted on. Finding the nearest wall, she set her bucket of paint down nearby and dipped the thick paintbrush into the bucket and soaked the brush into fresh paint. With the first step accomplished, she turned around and applied the paintbrush directly to the wall and swiped downward, erasing art of the crude drawings in the process. After one full swipe, she calculated approximately how long it would take to clean up the walls. After her calculation was done, it was estimated just barely having enough paint in the bucket... coincidence? Shikamao thought otherwise: this was a clear case of beforehand knowledge and experience. Undoubtedly this had happened in the past and the village was stingy enough to barely give her enough paint to complete her task! She sighed again and yawned, covering her mouth with her dominant hand, accidentally painting the tip of her nose with fresh paint without realizing it. Surely if Chouki and Inoyasha was here, neither girl would have told her: they would have snickered at her the whole time. Over an hour passed and slowly the paint in the bucket grow lower and lower until it was all gone. Fortunately, so were the crude images! With her task completed, she picked up the bucket, dropped the paintbrush in the bucket and walked off back to the village where her bed was located.

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