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Name: Jugo
Founder: N/A
Location: Scattered

History: The Jugo clan are mostly a mystery, little is known about them. Never officially having joined any village as a whole, their bloodline has popped up in the major villages from time to time: though they are still seen in smaller villages and other lands as well. Most noted about them is the fact that there is a stigma that follows them. Stories of them becoming violent beasts for no reason.

Special Info: Jugo members have moments of mental instability that can be controlled, though requires great effort. If a Jugo member absorbs a total of 200% of their base chakra pool, they go into a complete berserk state until their chakra is reduced back to 100%.

Requirements: Clan-born

Current Members:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Supplementary
Rank: D-S

Description: This clan is an unnamed family, which originated from an unknown area. The members of this clan possess the innate ability to absorb natural energy from their surroundings due to their unique bodies. However, the adverse effects of this energy results in sudden and uncontrollable surges of madness, causing them to sporadically go berserk. Their unique bodies also secrete special fluids that allow them to undergo various drastic physical alterations.

Jutsu: TBA

Clan Special Characteristics:
Jugo clansmen have the ability to constantly absorb natural energy and convert it into usable chakra. Doing so stores an additional 10% of their chakra stat into chakra pool per thread(Or 10% every 5 posts in a thread). They may have a total of 200% chakra pool, though this causes uncontrollable madness.

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