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 Nara Hiden: Shadow Imitation Technique[D-S]

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Nara Hiden: Shadow Imitation Technique[D-S] CHDzEwl

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PostSubject: Nara Hiden: Shadow Imitation Technique[D-S]   Nara Hiden: Shadow Imitation Technique[D-S] Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2018 8:34 pm

Name: Shadow Imitation Technique
Rank: D-S
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost: Scales with rank
Handsigns: Rat
Duration: Varies by rank
Description: The user manipulates their shadow across a surface to merge it with a target or targets' shadow. The user can stretch their shadow however they wish in order to accomplish this goal, but they are limited by their shadow's surface area; if a target can move far enough away from the Shadow Imitation's user, they are theoretically safe from it. But there are ways around this: the user's shadow can freely move within other shadows, extending its range. A user must have a shadow to manipulate, and so the Shadow Imitation cannot be used in utter darkness.
Once a user merges their shadow with a target's, the target cannot move on their own other than to talk. The only movements they are able to make are those that the user makes: if the user walks forward, the target walks forward; if the user raises their right hand, the target raises their right hand.
Although most often used against opponents, the Shadow Imitation Technique can be used to save allies, freezing them in physically impossible positions so that they won't trigger booby traps or causing them to cling to sheer surfaces with no means of support. At times, the Shadow Imitation's mimicry is two-way, as if a third-party forces the target to make a move, the user will be forced to make the same move. If a target is strong enough or if the user is weakened enough, targets can resist and even overpower the Shadow Imitation's control.
Effects: Uses the user's shadow to connect to the target's shadow for various purposes such as binding or forcing the target into certain movements or positions. Additional half-rank chakra is required per post for each additional target affected.
Requirements: Ninjutsu D-S, Nara Hiden(Taught by Nara members)
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Nara Hiden: Shadow Imitation Technique[D-S]
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