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Catch a Pickpocket[D Rank Mission]

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Catch a Pickpocket[D Rank Mission] ZGgTnqa

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Catch a Pickpocket[D Rank Mission] Empty Catch a Pickpocket[D Rank Mission]

Post by Zap Fosho on Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:10 pm

Karite was walking through the streets of the village, surveying the crowd for a pickpocket. She was dressed in her normal shinobi gear with her cloak closed and hood up. She knew that the pickpocket could be anyone. She was looking at everyone and making sure no one was ruled out. She finally caught someone out of the corner of her eye. She glanced towards the young kid as he began to run through the crowd. She took off after him. She knew that she would catch him. The kid ducked off into an alleyway. She immediately followed him as he led her to a dead end. ”Give it up kid. I have got you cornered. I will allow you to leave if you promise never to do this again. Otherwise, I will rip your toes off one by one and then your fingers. As fun as that would be, I think you should give up.” The kid immediately turned pale as her face turned into one of pure murderous intent. He looked up to her and nodded as he dropped the wallet he had pilfered and ran off screaming from fear. Karite picked up the wallet and went off to return it to its owner.

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