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Catch the Vandal[D Mission] Empty Catch the Vandal[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:08 pm

Name: Catch the Vandal
Rank: D
Location: The Academy of any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 200 Ryo
Description: Every night the Academy has been getting vandalized with various crude and indecent drawings, it's your job to guard the academy and catch the vandal before they can do it again
Redoable?: Yes

Vandalizing the academy? A very childish and crude thing to do... but Shikamao could guess easily enough what kind of person her target was. Likely one of the children were very troublesome and wanted to take their anger out of the teachers for all the hard work they forced the kids do. Shikamao could sympathize. With the demon inside her, it had been very hard for her to keep up with the progress and talent of the other academy students from her generation. The teachers pushed her hard and worked her to the bone... yet Shikamao was not mad at them. Begrudging at the time: looking back now, she knew and understood that they had worked her hard for her own growth. Whomever this vandal was, was too young or immature to understand that the teachers were working harder than they were.

"It seems they vandalize some time after the last teacher goes home, and midnight... This just further reinforces my assumption that the perpetrator is an academy student." she said to herself out loud for no apparent reason. Truth was, she as bored. She held up a leaflet of paper with several faces on it. The academy also suspected one of the students and had narrowed down the list for her. If any of these kids came to the academy this evening, they would likely be the vandal.

As if right on que with Shikamao's logic, a certain blonde haired boy hopped over the fence and ducked down low to the grass. Shikamao was out of sight, leisurely laying atop one of the roof and watching the boy from below. In one hand was a bucket of paint and in the other hand, was a paint brush. Shikamao smiled to herself, wondering for a moment how best to capture this little punk. Rather than apprehend him right away, she let him sneak up to a nearby wall and allowed him to start painting on it. Several silent moments passed and she could tell that his guard had been lowered. He had done this several nights now and it was almost a custom to him. With him distracted, she leaped down from the rooftop right behind him silently. Suddenly the boy stopped painting and gulped. He could feel a gaze behind him. It was the shadow of Shikamao with a rope in her hands, a creepy smile on her face and demon red eyes. Or so that's how the boy saw her: he knew he was in trouble. "You brat... Making me hunt you down when I should be laying in my bed napping." she said, although admitted to herself silently that that was essentially what she had been doing on the roof till now.

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